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06-10-2009, 01:09 PM
Hi, I know the patch is still new and that the tactics situation thus has a lot to evolve. I thought a thread that could discuss the current balance and where it is at would be helpful. What I write are first impressions and will be updates.

From my experiences:
Loopy is now better then bomber in a straight up fight. I think its good that after a loopy gets the first hit and onto the bombers tail it can now finish the bomber, but at the same point if a bomber goes forward firing against a loopy the bomber has a slight advantage at best - currently it is in Loopy's favour. This I think is due to Loopy's long suffering lead to skill and tactic development that Bombers still have to go through, but maybe not.

Loopy Vs. Loopy
I think this matchup has suffered the most. Before a Loopy on your tail was you at a big disadvantage, but with juking and such you could possibly get away. Now, with the increased fire rate this is much, much harder. Maybe too hard, getting on his back is now a pretty good instawin (considering I went 30 12 with this and then spent the remainder letting them get on my tail and trying to juke them I have tested it).

Loopy Vs Bomb
Before a Loopy on solo defence had to be pretty decent with every missile (especially when using homing) to get the kill in time due to damage restrictions, now it is just a spam fest to kill the bomber and is fairly easy. Especially against homing this makes solo juking bomb runs a much harder situation, maybe this is what was the attempt but maybe a little harder to kill with homing loopy would be beneficial.

Take away the 4% reduction in energy use for missiles and replace it with 2%, also half the gain to double first.

First impressions please remember

06-10-2009, 04:19 PM
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