View Full Version : Question about Veteran Bars

06-16-2009, 08:11 PM
Do veteran bars always increase the stats the same amount or are they impacted by the perks that you use? Also, do the percentage increases compound on each other or is the same increase added each time? I realize that sounds vague but I will try to give an example.

So with energy regeneration let's say you start at 100% rate. With 3 gold bars, at 2% increase per bar, you would either be at 118% if it was just 2% added each time, or something higher than that if each subsequent bar was 2% of the previous number as in 102% and then 104.02%, etc. Also, let's say you have the turbo charger perk giving you 120% energy regeneration. Is the first bar 122% or is it 122.4%? I realize it seems silly at first, but with 9 bars the compound effect would add up.

06-16-2009, 08:34 PM
Technically the veteran bonuses for energy regen compound but in the scheme of interest (1.01^x, x=0..9) the progression is very nearly linear, e.g. bonus approximately equals (veteran level)%. With 9 bars the actual compound bonus is 9.37%.

The different modifiers combine multiplicatively, hence for example:

3-gold (level 9) Loopy with Turbocharger equipped:

Veteran Energy Regen Bonus: 9.37%
Turbocharger Energy Regen Bonus: 20%
Effective Energy Regen Bonus: 1*1.0937*1.20 = 1.3124, or ~31%