View Full Version : Dream Team League Suggestion

04-23-2011, 01:37 AM
Here is suggestion. This was suggested by donk, but didn't go any further. So here you go.

Team of 6(5,7) players sign in for participate. After that they become "champions" and start fighting against "challengers" - another 6-man teams.

Point of this find out which team can stay longer.

If someone interested, sign in, first signed team become "champion". In short, rules are:
1. No subs allowed. If team dont have enough players, its only champion team problem. They allowed to play 1v5, 2v5, 3v5, 4v5 though.
2. Challengers should leave here request to fight with Champions.
3. Champions decide time and server, but they have maximum of 2 weeks to set time, which will be fine for both teams otherwise challengers become champions, but w/o win. So they will have 0 win streak.
4. Games are bo1 if win streak <=2, bo3 if <=5, bo5 if <=10.
5. Maps decided in next order. Champions picks first map, challengers pick second map, ..., ex-champions pick last map.

Ill try to track all teams and all players. Teams will achieve current and best streaks and sum of all wins. Players will achieve sum of all wins.

If we get at least one team, who ready to fight, ill start new thread with all rules and info.