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08-03-2011, 01:06 AM
mYm|VunDo: Hello sir, I am here to give you a warning. We have received reports of misconduct on Altitude. This is your last and final warning.
mYm|VunDo: Thank you
Cyrus: hey
Cyrus: for what
Cyrus: i didnt do anything
mYm|VunDo: Misconduct on ladder
Cyrus: u have no rite
Cyrus: let the ladder people take care of this
Cyrus: who are you anyway
mYm|VunDo: I will be forced to suspend your account if you keep up this behavior
Cyrus: u have no rite
Cyrus: dude
mYm|VunDo: I am a community manager at Nimbly Games
Cyrus: it was the ladder people making fun of me
Cyrus: nimbly games is two people
Cyrus: i looked it up
Cyrus: they have no community manager
Cyrus: where do u live
mYm|VunDo: Eric and Karl made the game but they have assigned people to take community positions
mYm|VunDo: If you have been offended on ladder, please report. However, we have received reports that you are the misdoer
Cyrus: who reported me
Cyrus: and yes the people on ladder make fun of me
mYm|VunDo: We cannot disclose that information. Sorry
Cyrus: because im not up to their level
Cyrus: whats ur altitude name
Cyrus: lemme add u
mYm|VunDo: I am a community manager, not an active player
Cyrus: u mite not be active
Cyrus: but u can still have an acc
mYm|VunDo: Please accept your warning. I will be forced to suspend you if we receive any further reports.
Cyrus: suspend me
Cyrus: rite nwo
Cyrus: i wanna see if u have the power
mYm|VunDo: I am just following protocol. I can't suspend you at will without further reports
Cyrus: can u give me proof you are who you say you are
Cyrus: there are a lot of frauds
mYm|VunDo: I don't know how to prove to you but Tmic, SOHRAB, and Zz have given me authority to inform you that they are the reporters
mYm|VunDo: I will cease this conversation for now. Have a nice day
Cyrus: what clan
Cyrus: is tmic
Cyrus: then
Cyrus: what clan is tmic
Cyrus: yeah
mYm|VunDo: I received user names, not clan tags
Cyrus: what gives u the authority to contact me on steam
Cyrus: ur with altitude
Cyrus: contact me on altitude
Cyrus: if ur who u say u are where is nimblys
mYm|VunDo: Now that you have received a warning, I will end this conversation now.
mYm|VunDo: Thanks
Cyrus: hey
Cyrus: dudde
Cyrus: ur a fruad
Cyrus: ur a fraud
Cyrus: zZ never reported me
Cyrus: dude im reporting u
Cyrus: for abuse
Cyrus: stop harrassing me
Cyrus: dude
Cyrus: this is cyber bullying
mYm|VunDo: Zz messaged me privately saying that he wanteed his report to be kept private. I will apologize to him privately for telling you about his report.
Cyrus: oh ok
Cyrus: i belive u
Cyrus: i saw ur steam profile
Cyrus: sorry
Cyrus: odd u dont own
Cyrus: altitude
Cyrus: lol
Cyrus: lol
mYm|VunDo: Altitude wasn't initially released on Steam. I have a standalone copy
Cyrus: but can you tell me what exactly i have been doing
Cyrus: wrong
Cyrus: on the servers
Cyrus: that means u have an acc
Cyrus: whats the name of the acc
mYm|VunDo: You have been reported for purposely disrupting games, talking in improper chats, and for offensive language towards other players.
mYm|VunDo: Sorry, I can't disclose that information. My account is private.
Cyrus: by any chance are u matthew kwon
mYm|VunDo: It took you 30 minutes
mYm|VunDo: you are dumb lol
Cyrus: how am i dumb
Cyrus: by any chance are u matthew kwon
mYm|VunDo: It took you 30 minutes
mYm|VunDo: you are dumb lol
Cyrus: how am i dumb
mYm|VunDo: You fell for it noob
Cyrus: not really i suspected it from the beginning
mYm|VunDo: You should've realized that my name is on my Steam profile and that Sohrab is on my friends list
mYm|VunDo: hurr durr
Cyrus: well duh
Cyrus: u added him
Cyrus: to discuss
Cyrus: he said he added u
Cyrus: lol
Cyrus: or sohrab added u
mYm|VunDo: I can't explain because youre too dumb
Cyrus: i dont evern know u
mYm|VunDo: All of Sohrab's steam accounts are on my friends list
Cyrus: so how would i deduce matt implies matt kwon
mYm|VunDo: and the first thing you do is cry
mYm|VunDo: lol
Cyrus: i dodnt know the rest of his acc
Cyrus: dude i can report u for fraud
Cyrus: and get ur account ****ing suspended
Cyrus: i saved this convo
Cyrus: sohrab is gettign banned
Cyrus: from altitude
Cyrus: im postin git on the forum
mYm|VunDo: lol
Cyrus: jokes on u
Cyrus: or sohrab rather
mYm|VunDo: not really
Cyrus: yeah really


08-03-2011, 01:13 AM
I lol'd so hard at "this is cyber bullying"

08-03-2011, 01:14 AM
and? what does any of this have to do with you leaving games, all-chatting when you were told to spec chat, and deliberately throwing games on ladder?

and keep this sh*t to one thread.