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Beagle 09-19-2009 12:54 PM

[G] Reverse Thrust / Heavy Cannon Biplane Guide

I've wanted to write a guide on Biplane for a while now, but I've put it off due to how daunting the task seems. Apart from how long it would be, the problem is that Biplane is a plane whose playstyle shifts dramatically depending on the setup you give to it. I play every plane to at least an acceptable level, but that doesn't mean I feel qualified to write a guide for all of them - by the same token, while I can utilize Biplane fine with most of its different setups, I've spent such relatively little time on them that I'd feel stupid writing an all-encompassing guide for Biplane.

For that reason, I'm just here to provide some insight on the setup that I do feel experienced enough to waffle on about - Heavy Cannon, or more specifically, Reverse Thrust Biplane Heavy Cannon. For the sake of convenience, I call it Sniplane.

If you've never used Heavy Cannon or Reverse Thrust properly before, they've got something in common; they're both hard to use until you've spent some time with them. When I first used Heavy Cannon, I played a few lives with it and immediately dismissed it - of course, at the time I wasn't a very good shot with it, and therein was the problem. Similarly, when I first used Reverse Thrust, I crashed into walls, laughed my ass off, and failed to see what possible use it could have. I'd use it again every so often as a joke - but, somewhere along the line, I began to pull off tricks with it. I started to realise it was one of the deepest perks in Alty, with a real application.

Long story short - you're going to have a horrible ratio as you learn this setup. I won't lie. It took me a week or two before I actually started being more useful with reverse than without. Believe me, though, when I say that if you keep at it you will get there. There was just a point I hit where reverse thrust became second nature to me, and these days I can't imagine flying without it. Think of this guide as a definitive start on the way to learning Rev.

Oh, and before we get started, you probably want to know who I am and how I like to play. Describing myself would be boring, so instead I went and played a few rounds and uploaded the decent bits to video. Click below and enjoy!

So, what's a Sniplane?

Sniplane is a long-range, high-power and high mobility package with operational capabilites encompassing the entire spectrum of Altitude's many niches. From sniping to close-combat, fast offense to base defense, bomb escorting to bomb delivering, the chief restraint upon what it can happily accomplish is the skill of its pilot. Put an Ace in the cockpit and it'll do everything you want and more.

You'll be packing one of the heaviest armaments in Altitude, the 75mm Heavy Cannon. Launching obscenely large projectiles at a respectable speed, you will be able to apply decisive firepower at the range of your choosing. With a sturdy frame carrying an improved-capacity engine designed for both conventional and reverse thrust, you will be
near-unbeatable in the field of aerobatics and combat manouvers.
If it's starting to sound like your job is going to be too easy - it isn't. You'll be operating one of the most pilot-demanding weapon systems in the air, and without a healthy dose of skill and reflexes the reverse capabilities of your engine will be useless.

That said, you put in the effort to love this plane and it'll love you right back. Sniplane is one of the most rewarding setups I've had the pleasure to fly in Altitude. The satisfaction of a Heavy Cannon kill is half the reason for this; the other being that with Reverse Thrust, flying in Altitude takes on a whole new flow and feeling that I can't do without. I can happily play without my Heavy Cannon, but flying without Reverse after all this time is the most awkward feeling I've experienced in this game.

So, you've been warned; you go down this road, you might not be able to go back.

Beagle 09-19-2009 12:54 PM

Good pilots know their aircraft inside out. Lets take a close look at the Sniplane's perks.

Primary Armament - No3 75mm Heavy Cannon
The Explodet might have the armour of a tank, but the Biplane has the firepower of one. Capable of firing 150 rounds a minute, the 75mm's rate of fire is restricted in the field by its energy requirements. Coupled with reverse thrust, your energy will let you continously fire Sniplane's HC once every 1.2 seconds, putting out 50 rounds a minute in comparison. Each round deals high damage - 109 points, to be precise. In addition, such is the speed and mass of the 75mm shell that it will pierce straight through the first plane it hits and continue travelling until it hits a second or runs out of range. The loss of momentum from having pierced its first target means a HC projectile will only do around 3/4 damage to the second target it hits - 67% damage, to be precise.
Long range is one of the defining characteristics of the Heavy Cannon - in practical terms, the distance your shell will fly before running out of momentum is about 1.2 screen lengths.

Secondary Armament - No3 Machinegun
The sheer bulk of the Heavy Cannon means that room for the secondary machinegun is limited; thus, the Heavy Cannon's close-range machinegun has less range and does only about 2/3 as much damage as its recoilless and dogfighter contemporaries. Firing 900 rounds per minute each dealing 20 points of damage, the machinegun is capable of putting out 15 rounds/300 damage a second. Under Sniplane energy restraints, holding the fire button will churn through 12 bullets/240 damage in 0.7 seconds before you run out of energy. If you keep holding fire, your ROF slows to a measly 5 rounds/100 damage per second.
Due to how rapidly the machinegun chews through energy, its main role is that of a melee-range short but deadly burst of damage that temporarily outdamages even the mighty Heavy Cannon. However, after the first couple of seconds, this burst damage is going to become a less effective application of your energy compared to the steady damage of Heavy Cannon shots.

Engine - No4 Reverse Thrust
Trading energy for mobility, Rev's engine modifications are twofold. Firstly, it marginally increases your overall speed and significantly increases your acceleration/deceleration; secondly, it allows you to use your afterburners to fly backwards. The tradeoff is that when using this perk, you're not recieving the energy bonuses you'd get from Ultracapacitor or Energizer, which means you have to make do with less energy overall.

If you've never used reverse before - simply put, you hold down your decelerate key until you reach Stall. When in Stall, pressing the decelerate/backwards key fires your reverse thrusters; holding the key results in a continuous stream. Until you come out of Stall, your plane will still fall through the air according to gravity as is normal for being in Stall, which is what makes Reverse so interesting. It is also why Biplane is so well-suited to using Reverse - Loopy's better handling means it comes out of Stall too easily, which is an advantage in normal play but makes using reverse thrust a harder and fiddlier affair. On a side note, though, the main reason Loopy and reverse are a hard-to-play combination is because Loopy's damage is highly dependent on having a good energy source, which is heavily gimped by using reverse - the result is you can't kill things nearly as easily when you're a Rev Loopy.

Rev's most recent and only buff gave it an extra 10% acceleration in the throttle world, but more importantly made it less energy intensive. This means that for all intents and purposes, you no longer lose energy to reverse, you only halt your energy regeneration - if you have 50% energy and start reversing you'll stay at 50%. This means you can zoom around at top speed while keeping your energy reserve at full, another trick to add to the perk's toolset.

Beagle 09-19-2009 12:55 PM

Fuselage - No3 Heavy Armor
The first of Sniplane's three alternative Fuselages, Heavy Armor is a strong contender and used to be my preferred green perk. Effectively bolstering your health by reducing the damage you recieve, the small margin afforded by this perk is the difference between life and death suprisingly often. For this reason, Heavy Armor is the fuselage to use when you're trying to hit streaks or improve your ratio.
The downside to this is that you don't have the luxury of regenerating your health as you would with Repair Drone - meaning if you miss the health pickups from dead enemies, you're going to need to return to base and land unless you can find another one nearby. In FFA, the problem is more pressing on one hand (there's no base to heal you) and yet less important on the other (by the time you start dying in a packed FFA, someone is likely to finish you off anyway so you don't need to worry about finding health anyway).

Fuselage - No4 Repair Drone
The entrenched pilot's best friend, Repair Drone reduces downtime by automatically repairing your plane, but only when you're not using your afterburners. In effect, you'll be able to stay on the frontline longer instead of regularly flying back to base for a top up. In games with a lot of players, the health pickups from your kills get stolen pretty often, so having repair can really save you some time. It goes without saying this perk is a godsend if you want to operate far away from your base in TBD.
Skilled rev pilots will find an exclusive benefit with Repair Drone that their forward-flying cousins can't even dream of - we can manouver at top speed while still being repaired. Yes, while afterburning forwards still stops your Repair Drone from working, you can thrust backwards as much and as fast as you like without interrupting your health's regeneration. It's an advantage that's saved my ass a lot of times - especially in hectic FFAs where the only safe way to auto-repair is reversing away from enemies at top speed.

However, there's a hidden problem with using Repair Drone that I've found, after having played a great deal using both Heavy and Repair; its what finally tipped my preference in favour of primarily using Heavy. When using Repair Drone, I feel a nagging itch not to afterburn whenever I'm damaged, so the drone can do its job - the problem with this is that ruins the natural flow of your movement, which can really mess up your feeling for flying. This problem is even more pronounced with Reverse Thrust, as in my opinion being an effective rev pilot and having good flow to your movement goes hand in hand.

Fuselage - No5 Flexible Wings
Shunning both more health and regenerating health, Flexible Wings slightly improves the rate at which your plane turns, making your plane more manouverable. The benefit this provides is twofold - first, you're going to be able to pull off sharper manouvers with your more responsive controls. Second, you're going to be able to bring your weapons to bear on an enemy faster, particularly when you're tumbling in a stall and need to draw a bead. For these reasons, Flexible is viable and stays on the Fueslage List as a possible choice.


In practice, however, I rarely find myself using Flexible. After using reverse properly, I have never felt the need for more manouverability in the Bi - Flex seems unnecessary to me when I could have more health or auto-repair. In addition, flying with Flex's more responsive controls, slight as the difference may be, feels naggingly different to flying without - when you've got heavy cannon aiming and reverse thrust manouvering down to instinct, flying off muscle memory, any change to how quickly you manouver is going to stuff up your play.
Of course, once you're used to Flex, it would probably feel the same going back to Heavy or Repair. Its about preference here, and Flex certainly isn't a bad choice. To be clear, I'm not saying its impossible to fly both Flex and Heavy/Repair interchangably - its just a bad idea to mix them up when you're first learning, and learning is what this guide is about.
That paragraph stays there for archive purposes; it's how I felt when I originally wrote this guide. No longer. Whether it's due to coming up against harder players, improving my own skill, or both, Flexi Wings is my 100% backed choice. Much like I feel handicapped flying without Rev, I can't fly without Flexi Wings. It probably also has something to do with the Biplane turning buff that happened a while ago, but I don't even try using HA or Repair anymore; the improved turning given by Flexi is invaluable and I highly recommend trying it out.

Beagle 09-19-2009 12:56 PM
Learning Reverse
Once you go back, you'll never go... uh, back.

Writing about how to learn Reverse Thrust makes me feel quite helpless, in a way, because learning rev is best served by a very practical process known as trial and error. It's like writing a text-only course for babies on learning how to walk. That said, a serving of theory never hurt - unless it was forced theory like school, then it sucked.

Oh, and one important thing, because I'm guessing a lot of people will think its a good idea:


Learning with Rubber Hull is like learning to play Ping Pong with a Tennis racket - its building bad, lazy habits and isn't teaching you anything. Part of being a rev pilot means having an acute feel for how much something is gonna hurt when you run into it. If anything, the best perk to use when training is repair drone - you'll still learn exactly how much everything is supposed to hurt, but you'll quickly get your health back and be able to keep training without having to find health.

Learning to Walk
When your plane is in stall, pressing the back key causes a thruster to shoot out the nose of your plane and push you in the direction your tail is facing. All rev manouvers are accomplished through this stall-drift; when you're stalling, your plane is gliding through the air according to its momentum, not according to its direction. Imagine a spaceship and its thrusters in zero gravity, with a planet in the distance - the spaceship can point towards the planet, fire a burst of its thrusters to start moving, and then spin in whatever direction it likes without changing its movement unless it fires its thrusters again. That's the basic idea, except we're not in zero-gravity, so while stalled your plane is going to be constantly trying to fall into that big annoying thing called the floor. For this reason, whatever direction you want to reverse in, you're still going to need to adjust for your plane falling downwards by pointing your nose down and thrusting back, effectively thrusting upwards.

To get used to this, find an empty server where no-one will interrupt you, and try hovering in place with your plane. This is accomplished by decelerating to stall, pointing your nose down, and applying reverse until you've stopped moving downwards. At this point, every time you start falling downwards again, tap the rev key and puff yourself back upwards again. At first, you'll find it hard to stay in one place - you'll overcorrect your movements and end up swinging left and right wildly, quite similarly to someone learning to fly a helicopter. Learning to hover teaches you a lot about reverse - while holding down reverse is important for sweeping turns and for when your direction is already correct, tiny adjustments through tapping the key are incredibly important for flying backwards with any sort of control. Keep at it until you can fly in, engage reverse, and stay reasonably still in one spot.

From here, use the hover as a basic position, and then move from that position using reverse to experiment - for example, go into hover, then point your nose to the right a little and start reversing to move left, and vice versa to move right. When you're comfortable with this, try moving vertically - hit a hover, then reverse straight up to gain altitude. When you're happy with that, try the hardest direction - get some altitude, then try going downwards in reverse. Don't use thrust at first - you'll go wildly out of control. At first, just try falling backwards, then turning around at the bottom and using reverse thrust to stop your fall. Then reverse back up, and repeat until you feel comfortable. Once you're okay with that, you can try reversing straight downwards to give yourself some speed - in practice, the effect of gravity on your free-falling plane combined with additional reverse thrust make this a very fast fall and as such a very effective way to get away from enemies.

Learning to Run
When you can hover left, right, up and down without crashing horribly, put it all together and start moving like a real pilot. Pick a point on the map and reverse all the way there - for example, the the top left corner of the level to the bottom right. Another good exercise is to pick a group of obstacles and start flying a circuit around them - for example, reverse around a rock in a circle constantly. As you get better, make your circuits more ambitious - start weaving in and out of obstacles in a set pattern, like a figure eight between two rocks. Don't settle for slow, comfortable movements anymore - be daring and constantly push the envelope. You're preparing for combat, and when you use Reverse in combat, using it slowly doesn't cut it.
Following on from that, it should go without saying that Hills is not a fitting map to practice Reverse Thrust on. Fly circuits through these areas backwards at speed 'til you stop crashing:

I'll say it again - Rev is not something you learn overnight. Even after you think you 'get it', the beauty of Rev is you'll still be getting better every day. I don't consider myself a master of Rev - I reckon I'm good enough to write this guide, sure, but I don't think I can call myself a master of Rev until I reach the point where its application allows me to stop dying completely.

It goes without saying that if I ever reach that point, you're all ****ed.

Beagle 09-19-2009 12:57 PM

Learning to Fight
Applying 75mm of pain to things that look at you funny

We're assuming that by this point, you can fly - which means the next logical step is to apply yourself to a combat scenario. Heavy Cannon is a slow-firing, long-range, high-damage weapon - its all about being a sharpshooter who can put the round precisely on target whenever he needs to. No, it's not easy at first. If you've never tried Heavy Cannon before, jump into the Training mode with some bots to warm up.

Alright, so it takes practice, but unlike learning to fly backwards, the workings of a Heavy Cannon are not overly complex.

Sniplane is not a setup that can or should be attempted by new players, so I won't go over basic stuff like leading the target. The important thing to remember when learning to fight with this plane is that reverse is not a gimmick - its an extension of your plane that has uses available every moment you're in the air.
Evasion - use reverse to instantly start retreating backwards before incoming enemies can hit you. Chase - the stall-drift mechanic of reverse allows you to go faster backwards than you can forwards, using less energy. Chokepoint defense - your ability to hold still in one spot coupled with your high-powered cannon makes you an amazing defender, aim willing. Bomb delivery - Using reverse to drop the bomb adds a whole different pattern to the way the bomb falls, and can be used to make the bomb fly further, faster, in less of an arc, and in strange directions; think of it as similar to a thrown slingshot.

One thing I will go over in some detail here is tumblefighting. Tumbling is how I refer to the motion of your plane when you're spinning around while in a stall - you're rolling in and out of stall, while falling, hence 'tumbling'. Tumblefighting is something everyone has done, whether they realise it or not - its when you and your enemy are right next to each other, and you're spinning around in stall just trying to bring your nose to bear on them so you can fire. You most regularly need to do this when fighting enemies with higher agility/turning radius than you - for example, Biplane pilots use this tactic to take out Loopies regularly.
With Reverse Thrust, tumbling becomes less of a desperate attempt to hit someone and more of an artform. You don't have to worry about how far you tumble, because you can reverse out as long as you bring your nose around at the bottom. Your options for the fight itself are expanded on dramatically - you have the advantage of being stalled, forcing your opponent to circle you or stall as well, but you can still quickly move in any direction thanks to reverse thrust. When you're a forward-flier and you're tumbling, you're out of your element - Rev pilots practically live in stall, so it makes sense that this is a tactic you'll find yourself using over and over to come out on top in dogfights.

Plane Matchups
It wouldn't be a guide without Plane Matchups!

VS Loopy:
You are the Lion and Loopy is the Hyena. If you spot it first, you will smack the everloving **** out of it. If you don't notice it, it will wait until you're preoccupied, and then swoop in for an easy kill.
Loopy is easy meat for a couple of reasons - first, a Loopy has a base health of 190 HP, meaning it'll go down to two Heavy Cannon shots every time. If you've got a full energy bar, you can put out those two shots in about a second - its this lovely regularity that makes spotting a Loopy such a therapeutic experience. Spotting a smoking one is even better - it'll only take you one clean shot, and the bugger goes down.
The other reason Loopy tends to be an easy kill is, honestly, most Loopy players are new pilots. This isn't as good as it sounds - you get used to snacking on the easy ones, and then suddenly you run into a good Loopy and get smacked back into reality.

Luckily for Rev pilots, Loopy EMP no longer COMPLETELY shuts off Reverse Thrust - it only makes it 60% less effective. Nothing in the goddamn world was as annoying as being EMP'd right as you were about to thrust out from your dive, only to go sailing right into the floor because LOL ELEKTRICITY.
The bottom line is don't under-estimate the plane itself - a good Loopy can still throw you off like you wouldn't believe. Try and get your shots in early before the Loopy is in range, and get ready to start tumbling all over it once it's next to you.

On a side note, Loopies with Heavy Armor will annoy you because it bumps them up to three shots before they die. Keep it in mind.

VS Bomber:
Lion, meet Rhinoceros. You are going to meet Bombers in two flavours - those using grenade spam to lock down a chokepoint, and those using grenade spam to charge the **** out of you.
Camping bombers first - you are one of the few planes that enjoys being able to scare chokepoint-campers away without much trouble, as your Heavy Cannon has the range to snipe them without exposing yourself to their wall of grenades. Hell, after one clean shot, most of them will get scared and run off before you ruin their ratio.

Charging bombers - if you fly straight at it, you are going to die. If you let it point its nose at you for longer than 0.4 of a second, you are going to almost die, and then something else will come in and make sure you die. Do not let it point its front at you. The solution to this is twofold - either stay out of its range so it can't hit you and potshot it to death, or fly in fast on a flank, slap him up with Heavy Cannon as you move to get on top of him, and start tumbling, using rev to tumble out of the way when he's about to spin his nose onto you.

VS Explodet:
Explodet messes with your momentum. Anything that inflicts momentum on you is going to have an even greater effect if you're in stall/hovering/switching between directions in Rev. You'll be flying forward, a mine gets dropped, you try to rev backwards, and just as you hit the stall and have NO MOMENTUM that goddamn mine will COMPLETELY ASS-SHUNT YOU into whatever direction it pleases at an obscene velocity.

So, that's why you should be scared of Explodet if it hits you. The solution is to stay the hell away from it. Just like if you were flying anything else, don't ever chase the Explodet's ass or you're going to get a mine in face - the reason I repeat it here is because Rev pilots love to tumble, and this is one Plane you don't want to tumble with. If you start tumbling on top of a fatsplodet, all it has to do is spam D and the average Rev pilot will die.

Of course, this isn't a hard and fast rule once you're a good pilot. When you're better at Rev, you can do whatever the hell you want, and its entirely possible to tumbleweave a Explo to death if you know what you're doing. It looks pretty funny too.

VS Miranda:
Miranda's weapon is actually more powerful than yours - the tradeoff is that its fragile as all get-out, with only 180 HP at its base armor. Like the Loopy, two clean hits are going to clean this plane up nicely. Unlike the Loopy, this plane can kill you just as fast as you can kill it. It also has an extensive suite of tricks to screw up your aim, like Trickster/Laser's ability to instantly change direction, and Time Anchor's ability to warp them back out of harm's way.

It's hard for me to think of a concise way to describe how to fight a Randa. Its another plane where tumbling is not advised - if you try it, Randa won't follow suit; instead it'll just shoot you, then use reverse direction/time anchor to shoot you again, and repeat if you're not dead. It sounds cliche but use its mobility tricks to your advantage - aim your shots by planning for it to reverse direction/warp, and hit him as soon as he does. As long as you get your shots on target before he does, you've got a good chance of coming out on top. If you make him miss his charged up shot, your chances go up exponentially.

VS Biplane:
This is the gentleman's matchup. Biplane vs Biplane is either a Heavy Cannon sniping war at range, or a close combat burst damage bonanza.
If you're facing a sniper, don't stay in the open; use any available cover to your advantage to block his shots. If you haven't got any cover to speak of, reverse full speed up, then over and towards him - first, most people are unaccustomed to the speed with which a full-speed Rev Bi will travel and will have a harder time hitting you. Second, making him point his noise up either makes him waste energy on afterburners, or puts him into a stall, making him choose between continuing to fire at you or, you know, nosing down and not crashing.

For a close combat matchup, it's going to be over very quickly. Biplane's burst damage is unbeatable. If you're facing a fellow Heavy Cannoner at close range, you're both going to be tumbling trying to get your nose on each other to shoot - use rev to tumble out of the way as he tries to get a shot on you. If you're facing a dogfighter or recoilless, you need to move erratically to dodge his first swoop where he'll spend all his energy - and, just your luck, you're a Rev pilot. Telling you to move erratically is like asking a Lumberjack to cut wood.

The bottom line is that if the Bi you're facing hasn't got Rev, and you survive the first swoop, you're going to win the ensuing tumblefight easily and he's going to wish he'd just kept flying.
If he does have rev, well - that's the matchup of Kings. When two Revs go against each other, its pretty damn hard to work out what's going to happen. Then again, if you've got similar styles, who knows, maybe you'll both be thinking the same things anyway. Tumble like a champ and show everyone who the most backwards pilot on the server is.

Beagle 09-19-2009 12:57 PM

We're there yet.

The good news is, if you actually made it through all this, you've probably got the patience to be a damn good player. A written guide can only go so far, but if this at least helps you on your way to learning my favourite playstyle, that's better than nothing. It's worth repeating that this setup is something you're going to keep improving at every time you play - its also worth repeating that its best learned by getting in game and trying it out! If you've got any questions, feel free to post them in this thread or send me a private message. Similarly, if you wanna get some first-hand consultation on picking up Rev - well, I'm not gonna make any promises, but if I've got the free time and you've got the intent then I'm willing to hop in a server with you and help wherever I can.

It's probably also worth saying that I only just started this today! Seeing Carbon post his Explodet guide inspired me to finally make this one. So, if you spot any errors or anything you think needs improving, don't hesitate to let me know.

Thanks to eth and Carbon for their great guides, I tried to follow a similar format to keep everything nice and uniform (read: I'm sure glad I have an excuse to steal your format)

Go forth, join a server, and then go backth! Happy Sniping!


For everybody still reversing and especially for people who are just now learning, I rate, plug and highly recommend crazyrace by mlopes! Check it out here at: or see a preview of it here
It's a great challenge for reverse flyers and more importantly a great circuit to practice on if you're looking for somewhere to rev through. This map makes Lost City Tunnels, Cave, Asteroid and Core Gaps look like child's play, so test your skills and try it out!

Loli.ta 09-19-2009 01:48 PM

Great video ending. The clip was hilarious. This itself was a great learn on the aspects of both of these perks. This is a fantastic guide. Good read.

eth 09-19-2009 01:48 PM

Awesome guide! :D I always knew you were good with reverse, but seeing that video was kinda.. shocking. Lots of amazing kills there and moves I didnt think were even possible. Now, to the skies!

tyr 09-19-2009 02:05 PM

Hahaha, great great guide.
As a recoilless user (even when HC was by far the most popular setup), I personally find Reverse+HC kind of weak, but I guess it's only my opinion.
The video was really impressive though.

Could you PM me what your recording program is, did you get any computer lag and such ? If I ever want to write a recoilless guide, I'll need a video at least as good as this one.

DryBone 09-19-2009 02:15 PM

WOW.... such nice details~ AWEEESOME

evilarsenal 09-19-2009 02:33 PM

that one time on asteroids on the video, looked like everyone was trying to reverse thrust and you werent being aimed at so NOT LEGIT IMO

wat about in league play? does it work 5v5

DryBone 09-19-2009 02:43 PM

Wow..... the reverse how u used it loooked sooo
new insight for biplane for me

Loli.ta 09-19-2009 03:47 PM

I pulled a Beagle bombing today. It was great.

Kuja900 09-19-2009 05:14 PM

Beagle you just told me about this yesterday and it already done? You work fast and are making me look bad, I need to finish my guide lol.

tyr 09-19-2009 05:25 PM

Whats ur guide about Kuja ?

Vi* 09-19-2009 06:14 PM

Wow, awesome, Beags! I use reverse-thrust and know how awesome it is, but your video still impressed me, especially that last clip.

DiogenesDog 09-19-2009 06:16 PM

awesome video. if you have HD footage of it, you should schlep it over to Lam in case he wants to use it in the new trailer. there are a couple kills there that I think would be pretty awesome even to someone that doesn't know the game.

NfoMonkey 09-19-2009 06:19 PM

*bows down to Sir Beagle and offers 20 Goats for the awesomeness* ive seen/fought against your reverse and its always been quite annoying, but that video was Oh Snap/semi-erection worthy. you sir, truly are a madman.

and ofcourse the guide was A+
*runs off to try HC/rev*

Bukem 09-19-2009 08:07 PM

Your video inspired me to try HC + Rt again. Needless to say I fail miserably :(

Kuja900 09-19-2009 08:17 PM

props for fps doug

tyr 09-19-2009 08:18 PM

Yeah that remix was hilarious.
I love FPS Doug. :D

as red as black 09-19-2009 09:36 PM

loved this video

My 9000 kill strong biplane ratio already dropped like .02 in 3 games!!! ahaha

gameguard 09-20-2009 09:16 AM

that bomb drop was nice indeed.

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Evan20000 09-22-2009 06:56 PM

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mled 10-17-2009 01:57 AM

LOVE it beagle kicks ass and i love how he does so much work for people thnkx alot mate u rock

number 3 10-17-2009 07:09 PM

hey beagle. i know how to use reverse thrust good. but i wasnt shure what green perks to use. thanks for the guide!! and by the way, im always up for another 1 on 1

Beagle 10-18-2009 02:32 AM


Originally Posted by number 3 (Post 17612)
hey beagle. i know how to use reverse thrust good. but i wasnt shure what green perks to use. thanks for the guide!! and by the way, im always up for another 1 on 1

No problem, you're a great revver Number 3! More people should know about you ;)

sound 10-21-2009 10:04 AM

Im inspired! Love the video! :):)

number 3 10-21-2009 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by Beagle (Post 17652)
No problem, you're a great revver Number 3! More people should know about you ;)

thanks, i need to bet better for more people to start noticing me. i will keep practicing but it wont take that long anymore to catch up to you!!

Mr. Shrew 11-22-2009 08:48 AM

thanks man
rev-bi was always my favorite
just never knew how it was used...
sniping duh
time to go practice my aim on some loopies

GoldenBoy 11-22-2009 10:00 AM

WOW nice guide Beagle...:D :D
I never use biplane but after this I think I will use it a lot
It is going to be my favourite plane :)

mled 11-26-2009 10:49 PM

i love the beagle approved chart that was fun :D

GoldenBoy 11-28-2009 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by mled (Post 22884)
i love the beagle approved chart that was fun :D

Yeah :D I agree

mydaytob73 12-03-2009 11:22 PM

G Reverse Thrust / Heavy Cannon Biplane Guide
Hi firstly great write up, also can i just ask how much do you think the front and rear bumpers cost all together and how much did painting cost you?

Evan20000 12-04-2009 12:10 AM


Originally Posted by mydaytob73 (Post 23689)
Hi firstly great write up, also can i just ask how much do you think the front and rear bumpers cost all together and how much did painting cost you?

Ummm, what?

combat 12-04-2009 02:39 AM

LOL, evan check out his other post... It's just as bizzare

bolderz 12-09-2009 06:02 PM

Breathetaking youtube vid, awesome piloting.....Thanks for the guide.

Kind of distirbing that this OP is banned though. :confused:

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