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brzx 06-06-2016 10:20 PM

Funny Conversations in Altitude
Please post funny conversations here!

brzx 06-06-2016 10:22 PM

uoy kcuf switched teams to balance the game after it was 5v8 for a while and I made people aware of the fact. I knew that's why he switched despite what I said.

[13:42] uoy kcuf: for balance
[13:43] dt.breeze: KICK TEAM SWITCHER
[13:43] 19 cm: OK
[13:43] [Team] uoy kcuf: gj
[13:43] [Team] bagelnagel: u
[13:43] uoy kcuf: it was unbalanced dumbass
[13:43] dt.breeze: hahahaha
[13:43] dt.breeze: that's why i said it
[13:43] dt.breeze: because you made sure ppl knew it was because of balence

brzx 06-06-2016 10:28 PM

[18:19] dt.breeze: K guys it's a thread in water cooler called Funny Conversations in Altitude
[18:19] Deadpool.: hahaha
[18:19] [Team] Woofer: when dis ladder ranks get resett !!!
[18:19] dt.breeze: go look
[18:19] Deadpool.: ok now look yourself on the ban section for not shutin up in mid game
[18:19] [Team] Woofer: f
[18:20] dt.breeze: no specchat called dead
[18:20] Plabrano: lmao
[18:20] [SIR] Metaphor [-fu]: specchat
[18:20] Deadpool.: spec chat
[18:20] Woofer: specchat
[18:20] Deadpool.: hahaha
[18:20] [Team] dt.breeze: #lol
[18:20] Deadpool.: i think thats a hilarious
[18:21] [Team] Woofer: don
[18:21] Deadpool.: conversation
[18:21] wooffense: idk
[18:21] wooffense: IDK
[18:21] Deadpool.: a spec called you for spec chat

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