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Ham1et 04-27-2012 06:01 PM

If you find a spare moment can you please remove the damage from warping mirandas and replace it with Director like effects instead?



AzzedariuSuiradezza 04-27-2012 06:08 PM

Not sure if you want a buff or think you're nerfing.

Ham1et 04-27-2012 06:44 PM

A nerf without a nerf was my thinking.

I like the balance of randa weapons and perks now but still think they play out a tiny bit OP now. I like that Randa's reward aggressive play and don't want to lose that, I also want to maintain the agility and flexability that flying Randa provides. I just think that warping is too much of a weapon. Replacing it with director type spazzness of oponents flight without any damage would still allow Randas to come in attack and escape again but would make it harder for randa pilots to be able to kill on one engagement.

Imagine if someone described a Randa today in the suggestions forum - they'd get told to do one and stop being silly.

Taking away warp damage would mean that a good player can still kill but means a mediocre player isn't guarenteed a HP.

I must add a disclaimer that I speak only from what my peepers have observed in TBD. I do worry that this suggestion would ruin randa in 1DM and this fact unsettles me greatly as I secretly want to bum 1DM players. As for ball players, I have no idea how this would effect them but suggest that any disatisfaction could be settled by increasing noises and moving colours for after playing ball_football once and being the type to make inaccurate generalisations, I view ball players as simpletons.

classicallad 04-27-2012 07:31 PM

Damn right brohiem, comparing TBD to ball is like trying to compare a '72' Marqués de Riscal with a tescos own house red.

AzzedariuSuiradezza 04-27-2012 07:37 PM

I hope next time, after this thread has disappeared beyond the second page never to be seen again unless you for some sick reason choose to bookmark it, you'll have familiarized yourself with the different game modes before calling for nerfs like you got ganked by a rogue in World of Warcraft.

Demuyt 04-27-2012 07:45 PM

who is this guy ^

Dark_Sage 04-27-2012 08:28 PM

You do know that there are more ball maps than football, right?
Judging everyone who plays ball only using ball_football is like judging everyone who plays tbd by only using tbd_hills.

Ham1et 04-27-2012 08:48 PM

Ok ok, I was chatting nonsense and I do know ball does have all tactics and that.

Buried in my drivel was the idea that warp damage should be removed and replaced with another effect that still allow randas to be all sneaky and evasive but makes them work a bit harder for the HP.

What are your thoughts on that?

leggomyeggo 04-27-2012 08:59 PM

personally, i think it's a terrible idea. i'm not trying to be rude, but replacing an entire aspect of randa with something else would cause a huge uproar from randa players. each randa would have to rework and basically relearn the plane. if you're going to nerf randa, just decrease some of it's effects, don't completely replace a major aspect of it.

also, this would cause a playerbase fragmentation imo. i know i'd be really pissed off if something like this was actually implemented.

Evan20000 04-27-2012 10:50 PM

This goes against the plane's playstyle as well. Tossing people around isn't what it wants to do. You should be surgically removing key targets from the battlefield, and giving someone a hipcheck really doesn't fit into that.

Arcanecat 04-28-2012 07:40 PM

Originally Posted by lamster View Post
We continue to read every post to the suggestions forum and do our best to implement practical suggestions. Our definition of "practical" has shifted over the years; here's the basic test we apply nowadays:
1) Changes must not disrupt or fragment the existing player base. Major additions (like new game modes) as well as a bunch of minor, less obviously dangerous changes can fall into the 'dangerous fragmentation' category. Fragmentation is deadly for a game like Altitude which has a small but dedicated following with a relatively slow influx of new players.
2) Changes must not require too much time to implement. As much as I would love to continue to dedicate full-time staff to improving Altitude, the reality is that's not a financially viable option for us at the moment.
And no, we are not stealing ideas from the suggestions forum for use in a new, top-secret sequel to Altitude. While that would be fun, our primary focus is currently on projects that do not involve cartoon aerial brawling.

... Your trying to ruin randas.... :(
If this ever happens, I will quit my future in altitude ladder, and go Loop rev in coop ( or switch to thermo play ).

Ham1et 04-29-2012 07:30 AM

Nah Blood, I ain't trying to ruin Randas at all - They are defintely one of the best planes in the game to face mano-a-mano.

Furthermore, Leggo, you're not being rude at all - you invest a lot more into the game and the community than a casual pub player like meself and I was just recklessly throwing ideas about to get opinions back from players like yourself.

Evan, you actually hit on my thinking when I suggested such an idea: Randas are surgical hitmen and swooping in firing a couple of finely aimed tricksters or actually having the skill to sustain a laser hit to cripple a plane before getting out wriggling the hell out of there is what randas should be about. I just don't see how having a huge hit box that means that a mediocre player just has to smash the warp button when they've flown past you after missing most of their primary attacks fits in with surgical precision. Maybe hipchecking is too strong and I did toy with replacing it with emp effects orginally but with the 180 turns I thought that would still equate to instadeath. With director-like effect, the shock waves of the warp disrupt the plane thats being attacked - giving both the randa chance to escape and the target a chance of survival.

Randas have pretty good weapons and great manoeuvrability which is balanced by their flimsiness in armour. Do they really need a bonus weapon as well? As someone who's come to alti recently it strikes me as a relic from when not many ppl played randa and those days are long gone.

I know that this would massively disrupt a lot of folks game styles and disrupt many game modes so I'm not suggesting it would be a good idea to implement at this stage in the games life. But there is a lot of talk about randa being op but I think randas primary weapons are actually pretty balenced and I sure as FAP don't want a buff on other planes so was just looking for other approaches x

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