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VAN1SH1NG 01-30-2017 03:51 PM

Season ends 12th of February
The current season of Ball ladder will end on the 12th of February. At this time I do not expect to end the TBD season, but depending on what changes are made for next season I may decide to end it as well. I just don't see any way to have seasons for TBD while maintaining and kind of balance due to so few games played. I will only end a TBD (or other non-ball modes) season if forced to due to significant stat/database changes that wouldn't work without resetting everything. If TBD season were to end, CP would be awarded (1=200, 2=150, 3-5=100). Assume TBD will not end, but if that changes I will announce it here at least a few days in advance.

CP Awards and Tier Changes
Gold #1 wins 200, #2 150, and #3 100. For Silver and Bronze it is 100 each for #1-3. The top 3 from Silver and Bronze are moved up to the next tier for the next season

Expect this to chance slightly for next season. Likely it will either be everyone in Silver and Bronze above a certain rating earn CP and move up or there will a a minimum rating to earn CP and move up with a max of 3 players. I just want to be sure that only players with an appropriate rating will move up.

The goal would be to start the new season on the 13th of February, but it is possible there could be up to a few days of downtime if I am still working on new features.

Current TBD standings:

VAN1SH1NG 02-11-2017 01:02 AM

I'm holding off starting new ball season until Thursday or Friday (most likely Friday). Admins need a break from babysitting duty. However, TBD ladder will remain online.

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