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biell 04-18-2017 12:26 AM

This is the third (and final unless the concept takes off) map to use my new tag game type. Ths one is based around a river near me. At this point it is no longer like any specific place on the river, and is more an amalgamation of a few different spots. I made it so you can fly behind trees, but can be seen a little though them. Unlike the other two, it is completely asymmetric, except for the wrap-around. This one is FFA again because it is a little open and that will deter utter spam from the chasers. Open enough that I also disallowed loopies. I also remove the bots, so it is even clearer who is it when pressing tab.

This one has been in testing for a while, so it might not seem new to those who helped me test it out a few weeks ago. I finally think it is ready for release. Thanks to everyone who helped me test it out.

It is currently available on Map QA and its final resting place Team+



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