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mled 07-20-2010 05:31 PM

[G] Bomber Guide

Table Of Contents

Part 1 - Getting Start & Perks
Part 2 - Plane Matchups
Part 3 - TBD & General Tactics
Part 4 - TBD Bomber Routes
Part 5 - Ball Bomber
Hello, I go by the username of mled but my real name is matthew. I’ve been playing altitude for a while and figured I should do something useful for this nice gaming community. This guide will be based on my favorite plane, the Bomber. I have played plenty of the plane in altitude and have accumulated 40,000 kills with the plane as well as an in depth understanding of EVERY Bomber perk setup in the game.
Hey, I go by the name of Hollywood. I have more than 30,000 kills and 700 hours of game play plus a huge amount of BALL experience. Most of you already have thoughts or ideas on how you think about this plane when it comes on screen to give you a friendly greeting of loving grenades hurling at great speed to your inevitable doom.

Why Bomber?

The Bomber is an average plane, compared to others
( )
health: 275.0
speed: 9.0
turn: 6.8
weight: 1.15
Range: Varies

The tail-gun/Flak and grenades combination of the bomber make it a very strong defense plane, but its quick turning speed and average plane thrust speed also make it a dreaded plane for a quick counter attack. Therefore this overall good plane makes it a must have for any professional team playing 5v5 TBD.

Red Perks
Suppressor - A great red perk to start off with. This red perk puts a tail gun on your plane which fires in the general direction of the enemy (auto-aim). This is more or less the beginner perk of bomber for the reason that it does much less damage then Bombs or Flak cannon, is easier to control and shoot with. It will still be very helpful even when your playing competitively.

Suppressor Statistics
Cooldown: 0.21756 sec
Energy: 380.0
Damage: 56
last 1.5 seconds and eject at velocity 12
Explosion: 30 damage, 0.5 knockback, radius 78
Cooldown: 0.1296 sec
Energy: 225.0
Damage: 35
lasts 1.3 seconds and eject at velocity 17

Bombs - Massive damage output of 60, but this is largely considered a bad red bomber perk because of how hard it is to use. Bombs are dropped on people, therefore you have to be above a plane to be able to use the bombs which can be bad or good depending on the situation at hand. In conclusion it's better to go with the more reliable Suppressor or Flak perk. (I have begun to use Bombs as much as possible and found that plenty of practice will make perfect, and i plan to be one of the first to master this perk because i sense some potential threat with it.)

Bomb Statistics
Cooldown: 0.21756 sec
Energy: 380.0
Damage: 56
last 1.5 seconds and eject at velocity 12
Explosion: 30 damage, 0.5 knockback, radius 78
Cooldown: 0.136 sec
Energy: 380.0
Damage: 30
last 1.8 seconds and eject at velocity 6
Explosion: 60 damage, 0.5 knockback, radius 85

Flak Tail-gun - The final red bomber perk which is unlocked at level 47. Like the name says it's a tail-gun on the back of your plane. This makes it an ideal plane in escape situations. It has a large damage output of 55 (only 5 lower then Bombs) therefore uses more energy then the bombs and much more then suppressor. Therefore this is considered the best Bomber red perk but its weak range makes this arguable. Remember Flak is not an auto aim tail-gun like Suppressor you will need more skill for this weapon. Flak Tail-gun is a very good perk for those players who find are always getting followed by enemy planes and want that extra power to finish or scare away the enemy. Flak gun is a widely used perk and a lot of bombers seem to use because it gives you a strong back gun that in a few fires can kill any enemy.

Flak Tail-gun Statistics
Cooldown: 0.21756 sec
Energy: 380.0
Damage: 55
last 1.5 seconds and eject at velocity 12
Explosion: 30 damage, 0.5 knockback, radius 78
Cooldown: 0.29700002 sec
Energy: 445.0
Damage: 55
last 0.45 seconds and ejects at velocity 20
Explosion: 30 damage, 0.5 knockback, radius 85
“Its like holding a kid at arms length so he cant punch you but you can give him a cheap shot then escape.” -Nipple

Green Perks
Rubberized Hull - Reduces damage done by walls. Like always good for beginners, but a waste of a green perk for more experienced players. Bomber will rarely be surround by walls because it's more effective in open spaces. This perk is mainly for newer players to learn with in normal wall servers so one can get comfortable with the plane but since bouncy walls this perk is not suggested by any bomber players. "It is better to crash and die then get shot at and then crash."

Heavy Armor - Increases your heath. This can be useful for bomber. I personally only use this perk when the map is small or with my Bombs, Heavy Armor, Ultracapacitor combination. I would only recommend this perk if you are the one to be in the action and don't find Repair Drone helpful due to the fact that you can pick up dead enemy planes health.

Repair Drone - Repairs your plane over a period of time. Highly recommended green perk. The bomber already has quite high heath, with its good damage and good range combination make it the perfect plane to stay alive with. Staying behind walls and spamming is key to pinning your opponents attacks with them doing little damage to you (which you will repair with this perk.) Therefore you don't have to leave the area so they don't advance and visa versa with your team attacking.

Flexible Wings - Increased turning capabilities, can be useful but for other planes. Bomber is 3rd in the list of 5 planes with the best turning capabilities, loopy being the first with an astonishing 8.4 and Miranda second with a 7.0. Bomber’s turning is 6.8 which is not a big difference between Miranda. Therefore it's like putting flexi on Miranda. You just wouldn't do it. I personally think there are better green perks for bomber to keep map areas in your teams possession.
Blue Perks
Turbocharger - Recharges your energy faster. This perk is used a lot because it can gain back the energy you need to finish the fight in double the time you would normally. This can be very useful when you need to rush back to your goal to help your team and still have the energy to help. I often use this perk with Suppressor and Repair because shooting my tail-gun uses little energy, you are given time to turn around, shoot with grenades by then your energy is recharged and you are ready to go.

Ultracapacitor - Increases your energy supply. If you enjoy the extra energy to deal out more damage than you would normally this is the perk for you. When using a bomber it gives you a whole extra grenade. It doesn't sound like a lot but it can be helpful in many situations. Also a very, very useful blue perk. This and Turbo are the favored blue perks for bomber. The ultracapacitor with often save your “tail”, my recommendation to players with basic understanding of bomber is to use Flak tail-gun, Repair, and Ultra. The strong power of Flak with the combination of ultracapacitor will allow you to shoot off 4 Flak shots and you can kill ANY PLANE even with heavy armor, the only thing you cant kill is a whale with Heavy Armor and triple golds with Ace Instincts.

Reverse Thrust - You can fly backwards. This is a pretty useless perk for a bomber (good for sniplane)
especially if your playing for a team. This perk is more or less to have fun with the bomber. If you really desire to play Bomber reverse I recommend Flak, with Heavy Armor. The Flak gives the plane a little burst of speed when shooting it, combining that and reverse can sometimes be useful. As seen here;
I would not recommend this perk unless you have an advanced understanding of it.

Ace Instincts - Your veteran bars are 50% times more effective. This can be quite a good perk with bomber. The goal for a bomber in a match is to push enemies back, cutting of certain flight areas. This means enemies will often avoid a bomber unless he is alone. Therefore staying alive with bomber and putting Ace Instincts to the mix can be a recipe for disaster. This perk isn't used in competitive play because the players don't want focus on helping the team.

mled 07-20-2010 05:31 PM

Plane Matchups

(varies on your bomber perk setup, I will use Suppressor with Repair and Turbocharger as an example.)

vs Loopy: 5/10 Difficulty

Loopys are very very easy to kill if you do it the right way. You are a bomber, I highly suggest taking action before the loopy does. Their low amount of health compared to yours plus your grenades will do serious damage. The most ways a loopy can get an upper hand on you easily is trying to pick you off from behind or the sides when you just came out of a fight. Nasty I know but it happens.

Tracker: Can be harmful with its long range but remember your suppressor fire can be as deadly. Your plane has more heath then his/her think the situation through and don't panic. Use walls if a loopy follows you.

Double Fire: The most common red perk for a loopy. This quick plane combined with EMP and double fire can be quite deadly. When encountering a double fire loopy remember to try and make him follow you, taking a sharp turn around a corner will urge him further to follow you, before the loopy takes the turn you fire, his quick speed will make him hit the tail-gun fire sooner killing him with no damage done to you. video ---> Going head on with this plane shouldn't be a problem as long as you can aim those grenades.

Acid Bomb: The most annoying, strongest and underplayed red loopy perk, this perk is based on helping your team win and get kills, more then about your ratio and kills. This perk isn't the best 1v1 because of its single fire, even tho acid helps with the Armor of the enemy. As long as you follow the guide lines stated for Double fire and Tracker loopy I mentioned above you should kill this plane easily.

vs Bomber: 5/10 Difficulty

This brings a tear to my eye. :( Not really though, if you are heading on a bomber on bomber action you should want attack him/her before they get the chance to attack you. I suggest dodging if possible, unless you have an item or something to hide behind. if they are turned around have fun, bomber vs bomber is for sure to win if the other bomber is facing any direction but at the other plane. If they have Flak Tail gun you will want to watch out for that. It can do serious damage to your plane in the hands of someone that is good at aiming the tail gun, so they will try to lead you behind them, don't follow try to get around or cut them off in a choke point if they are in flak range.

Suppressor: Same setup? Do on to others as they would do on to you. In other words just kill that plane! If your both using the same perks just place yourself in his seat and don't fall for his tricks you should be fine.

Bombs: Simple is sometimes best, don't follow this plane when going up and try to make him stay low so his secondary weapons have no effect. Video --->

Flak Tail-gun: Careful when facing a good Flak player, he/she can make that Flak tare your plane apart. Here is a simple rule that always works, Keep your distance, figure out how far Flak can shoot compared to your suppressor or grenades and maintain that distance. You will make Flak look useless and it will be your turn to demolish his plane.

vs Biplane: 7/10 Difficulty

It is easier to kill them if they don't have HC(Heavy Cannon). If they do then most likely that person knows how to aim or will just hold down their fire button at close range. It only takes 2-3 hits to kill you without bars. You should never head on this plane, it is more dangerous when it gets in point blank range due to it being a very good plane in close combat situations. If the plane does not have Heavy Cannon then it will be less of a bother to kill them. Just keep them out of range, hit them with grenades and your tailgun. You should win most of the fights when out of their range.

Dogfighter: Quick Plane with good damage. Your best bet on beating a Dogfighter is to keep him away, use both tail-gun and grenades to force a retreat. Also Keep your eyes open, look high and low to see if they are coming often the person who gets first blood will win, so be that person who draws first blood or metal.

Recoilless Gun: Even quicker then Dogfighter due to the fact that its gun doesn't recoil like dogfighters does. Same basic principles apply keep them away from you, bomber and whale feel the sting of Biplane the most, so don't get in a 1v1 with them in an open area. If a Biplane is following you try and take corners, your planes turns a little quicker then his but it makes a difference try and shoot sooner just like if a loopy is following you and hope you kill him before he kills you.

Heavy Cannon: A deadly, deadly plane. This Biplane will just demolish a plane like bomber which is slow and big. Even if bomber has Heavy Armor on, the Heavy Cannon perk will kill it in 3 shots, if the bomber is a tiny bit damaged it could kill it in 2. Tip on surviving a Heavy Cannon, Its range is huge so you will have to avoid long tight space where you cant avoid Heavy Cannon fire. ie. The area in mayhem where its long tight rows go into the center.

vs Explodet: 3/10 Difficulty

When faced off with an Explodet most often you can kill the Explodet with long-range grenade spam. If you fall into their trap they will slam you into the wall and you won't like it. If they are more advanced with the plane then you should try to get them at the back from a range out of the mines. Thanks to grenade range this is possible. It is more dangerous to approach a good Explodet from the front. The back is suggested because of the planes slow turning speed and most likely won't be using "Flexible Wings". if you are approaching from the front then I would suggest getting them to shoot their first rocket so that it misses you or at least doesn't totally smack you into a wall. Of course they will get the second shot in if your slow but you will have enough time to get your shots on the Explodet and hopefully kill him.

Director: This will toss and turn you but remember you have both forwards and backwards weapons use this to turn the tide and kill the Explodet. Open areas are good, in this case if you see a whale in core alone attack!!! The only quality advantage an Explodet holds against a bomber is him slamming you into walls, as long as you don't let this happen you will be the victor.

Thermobarics: A very annoying perk but not against bomber as much as other planes. Your Flak, Bombs and Suppressor combined with grenades should make this an easy plane to kill. If thermo is used against you and are now turned away from him use your tail-gun if he spins you again use your grenades. Learning how to fire while a Explodet is turning and throwing you is key to simply overpowering an Explodet.

Remote Mine: In my opinion this is the easiest Explodet perk to face in a 1v1. The reason being with Director and Thermo you will have to concentrate on many mines as well as the missiles that will treat you like a ragdoll. Remote only shoots out 1 mine a time. Use this to your advantage, before the Explodet can detonate it use all your energy on one big burst of grenades or tail-gun power to kill him.

vs Miranda: 8/10 Difficulty

The bomber can kill Miranda's easily so don't be afraid enjoy killing them, their isn't much they can do besides dodge. The most common way a bomber dies to a Miranda is primary warp combo. It basically works where they shot the primary at you and then very quickly follow up by a warp right after or at the same time. I find that Time Anchor Miranda's will try to get you to waste your energy so they can either kill or run. You will want to get a feel for where the anchor will be before they anchor. If you can get this down then they won't have much places to go.

Trickster: This plane is like an animal, waiting and waiting for the right time to pounce. Remember to stay close to walls so they don't blink through you and you should kill them before they kill you.

Laser: Laser is the toughest miranda setup vs Bomber for me, why? Simple your a slow and chubby plane. Lasers large damage and him/her not missing you, will kill you quite easily. As long as you have a quick escape route where laser cant curve to reach you, you should be fine. Lastly, curve and sway a lot since you have Suppressor your auto-aim may kill him or damage him enough to retreat.

Time Anchor: Personally the easier one for miranda vs Bomber. The great advantage bomber has over this miranda perk is the forward and backward fire the bomber can do. shooting in the general area of where you think the miranda will anchor back should kill him. Due to the fact that he will be so occupied on avoiding so many things he is bound to do a mistake.

mled 07-20-2010 05:32 PM

This part of the guide will be based on my favorite gametype TBD. I have played plenty of the mode in altitude and have accumulated 40,000 kills with the plane as well as an in depth understanding of EVERY Bomber perk setup in the game. Bomber can get dry and repetitive at some points but that IS the best way to learn right?

Attacking & Defending
Attacking When your team is on the offense it's your goal to push the enemy back. The best way of pushing a team back is to go into an area of the map and spam with grenades then push with one teammate of any plane for support. When pushing with the bomb your bomb runner should go on a different route or behind you. Once you are in that area which you have taken over, you kill any enemies willing to attack you with the help from the 1v1 help I previously stated above. If there is no one there you continue moving forward using the same tactic until the enemy has no where to go but to cover the base. Now that you know where they all are, you fire grenades in that area killing a player or two and making your bomb runner have a higher chance of hitting the base. Lastly, if you have a shield always rush with the bomb runner you can defuse the bomb and this will help your team avoid the enemy attacking. Bomber + shield = Enemy Death. It is that simple. Extra little piece of advice, when rushing keep your top speed up, this helps your grenades go further and gives courage to your bomb runner to advance. Remember tho don't keep high speed when defending.
Defending This is hard to teach. The best way to learn how to defend is by watching or actually playing. There are little guide lines but it all depends on many things such as; how many are attacking, what planes are they using, how many teammates are with you and where is the bomber runner going. All I can say about this is don't panic stay in front of the bomb runner so either he drops the bomb on you or you kill him before he has an open chance at the base. Remember to make sure you are aligned so it will be easier to defend. You want to make sure you protect the base. Lastly keep your speed low depending on how far the enemy bomb runner is, keep a low speed to get as many tail-gun and grenade fire shoots off before they get close. Once they do get close your low speed and high turning capability makes you able to defend a toss of the big bomb.

Perk Setups

Setups are always important as it can make or break a plane.
Here is a picture of my top three perk setups. (one for each red perk)

Other Possible Perksetups

1st Possible Setup
Heavy Armor
A pretty common setup, this is used more for map control since you are trying to head on the enemies and smack back the enemy planes. These type of players don't use the tail gun that much unless they really need to or know when they can kill a plane in situations. They rely on their aim and success of the grenades. With this setup you will want to conserve your energy more and afterburn a lot less. It will be important that you don't use most of your energy on after burning, it will be very important so that you don't rush in to fast and end up with no energy to fire your weapons. please keep this in mind.
2nd Possible Setup
Flak Tail-gun
Repair Drone
Turbo Charger
My favorite setup and probably always will be because it gives me enough time to gain back enough energy to shoot off the *** Cannon(Flak Tail-gun Bullets). This is a very good setup for Bombers that want to keep on their feet. You never want to be caught with your pants down now do you? I really hate it when people steal my Health so I tend to put on Repair Drone because of that. With this setup you will want to be more aggressive than the other setups. Try to keep on your toes as much as possible. You will not have to worry about not after burning as much due to the fact of fast regeneration for the energy.
3rd Possible Setup
Flak Tail-gun
Repair Drone
A mix of energy and trying to lead your enemies into the range of your flak gun after you clean up with grenades. This is for the players who want the extra energy. They move more slowly across the map so therefore not wasting as much energy on afterburners. With this setup you will want to conserve your energy more and afterburn a lot less. It will be important that you don't use most of your energy on after burning, it will be very important so that you don't rush in to fast and end up with no energy to fire your weapons. please keep this in mind.

General Tactics
  • Know Your Angles
    Get to know the maps and all its angles! A bombers best friend is angles, use this to your advantage of when to shoot, how fast you should be flying, and where the enemies always try to penetrate you from. ( I often go to a server alone and just shoot at nothing to learn where its best to shot in an aggressive environment.

  • Make People Angry. Bomber is the best plane for this, making people lose their cool will force them make clumsy, rushed moves that will only benefit you and your team. Spam is the best way to achieve this. Better yet once you build up a little bit of bars then let enemies try and kill you once they get close unleash your grenades or any secondary red perk they all get the job done.

  • Use Turret Fire
    When defending or just plain killing use turrets to help you in a way they are not intended to. What I mean is if a turret is in front of you and shooting in a certain direction you know that an enemy is there. Spam right where the turret is shooting and you will most likely get a kill or damage a person.

  • Intentional Stalls. Very little bomber players do this but it can be a very good tactic in various situations. Build up your rear gun aiming skills. Once you know how to use; Flak, Bombs or Suppressor stall in certain points to get more shots of at a person while behind cover.

    Using Flak or Tail-guns in tight situations can also be useful. As you can see here shooting Flak through the tight gaps will give you cover but unleash high damage on enemies.

Final Advice
  • Make those enemies angry they will play like rubbish and you will pwn.
  • Attacking in a cluster of nades is great. This will do "bonus damage" as there is splash damage that comes from nades. Using a cluster of them in high speed will demolish planes. Therefore, don't be afraid to go head on and kill people.
  • Remember to use the Bombers weird line of fire to get its grenades over walls in a way people don't expect. (The element of surprise)
  • Defend with the tail-gun fire it will kill players and keep them from lobbing the bomb.
  • If the map has closed walls that restrict far fire use Flak. I use Suppressor a lot in maps that are more open to unleash its large range to my advantage.
  • This is for every plane out there as well. When going to heal at the base turn yourself in mid air right before you land on it. These extra little seconds adds up in a game and can give you an extra 4 kills per game all depending on who you are and how much you do it.
If you don't like playing bomber then don't force yourself, you have to love something to master it.

mled 07-20-2010 05:32 PM

I recommend you shoot then take a different route and shoot in different areas that way the enemy will be afraid to attack or take the bomb.
Also when you shoot always follow it up by going to the area you already shot at then continue this pattern to unleash the full potential of bomber.

Remember- angle your shots to get them in areas that people don't usually expect grenades to reach.

  • The orange is tail-gun fire if your grenades fail at penetrating.
  • The thicker an arrow or circle the better route and more damage that can be done to the enemy.

    Bombers really love this map. How the base and rock structure tilts back makes the Bomber fire go really far.

    This is a long slender map therefore you can see planes below/above you. A simple map to read. The tail-gun fire can really be helpful here so I highly recommend trying the orange arrow of fire you can see in the map.

    Uneven map. Bomber fire may vary if your on the left or right side. The middle will be covered in Explodet fire, bomber fire, Miranda fire, and loopy EMP/Acid, as well as Biplanes waiting to pick people off once damaged there. The best route to take are the ones that make you end up above the enemies base rock.

    Know where your enemies like to be in focus either the majority are low or high. Then cut their attacks off by thinning the number of planes. As long as a team always have 2 dead and 3 alive they will be much weaker than a team with 5 or 4 alive.

    Can be confusing at some points. What I am trying to show you is that the majority of enemies will be in the open space on their half of the map. The majority of the routes go to that area. Near the end they combine so don't worry about what exact route to take. They will all get you the same way.

    Self explanatory, all the spam comes from the top middle portion. If you can get past that point, spam directly at the base and spawn point you will reek havoc on the enemies.

    There are not to many routes as good as those ones here. The one I recommend the most is going low. Fire once at the first red circle then turn upwards and fire into the enemies open area. Right after you have already fired take the middle route and there is your best choke point.

    Long and tedious map. There is only one bottom route for a bomber that can be good but other then that stay at the top of the map.

    I really hate this map for bomber. All the bomber go top, so try outsmarting them by going bottom to top. Mixing up your strategy to fit the enemy will help you overcome them.

    May get confusing at the beginning point where you start to enter the center of the map. What I mean by the diagram is shoot at the middle area then go either low or high to the bomb spawn area and shoot in that middle area. I recommend you don't stay in the middle long because Biplane, Loopy, or Miranda will rush you.

    Very important to control the middle. If you get a Explodet by your side when you attack you will take the middle over for sure. Once your team has the bomb I highly recommend taking the lower route after leaving the middle because you can fire both middle and high at once. You will force the enemy to go back to base.

    Still a new map for me I haven't played this one to much to know all the bomber best angles of fire. Most players tend to want to control the top as it gives you most support for controlling the bomb due to the down tilted angles that gives your grenades more speed.

    I haven't played a lot of Bomber here yet. I prefer the Explodet because of the rocks sharp edges and tight spaces. I believe the top is better for holding enemies at a certain point but hard to enter after that. The bottom I prefer more. The middle gives you a more stronger control for the map using the angles will give you the advantage to overcome the Explodets that lurk in the middle of the map.

    Good for catching people off guard. There are weird angles of fire with a bomber you can do here and it's excellent. Example; When going top cut low, fire in between the biggest trees top branch and middle. As you can see the fire goes where enemies think it's a safe entry point.

    Fun map, I enjoy playing it and its a great map for bomber. Top routes better bottom is only to flank if you are by yourself. Always look for Power-ups and there is only one turret you should worry about. Hit the enemy hard from the top middle route and they will fall like pins!

    Decent map and most of the fighting will be done in the middle its a short map so get those 3 low power up control and you are sure to win. Push low for a Miranda, take out the turrets, and you will easily get hits once you meat shield for your teammate.

    I feel like I dont have a lot of experience here and i really don't like this map that much since its long and has two close bomb spawns so its better to be more defensive and push full out middle once a light gets the bomb for your team. Spam the middle BigBombs and move on.

    **Don't complicate things, I know that some maps look confusing but remember, Shoot then go to that area!!! I put extra arrows just to show point by point of possible attack points. **
PS: Read you enemies movements and places of prefrence around the map and hit them where they are, not where they should be on my maps!!!

mled 07-20-2010 05:33 PM

This part of the guide will be used to explain everything about BALL that relates to Bomber. Bomber is mainly used for map control in ball. It has good health, good range, great damage, slow flying speed and pretty good turning capabilities. The bad thing about Bomber is it isn't the most user friendly plane, if you don't handle it well with its slower speed than your average Loopys speed, your going to get caught in dogfights you won't win. I know most of you will say against this but then think about it. Most of you are able to just spam in one area, turn around, repeat that action while your team mates clean and clear the rest. When you think about what can a Bomber really do then that's when you start to learn how useful it can be. Grenade "spamming" off blindly over objects and off screen is what often happens with Bombers. This is generally frowned upon by more experienced players when abused.

BALL Competitive Play

Bombers in ball are very important for any good team to work well. They are the heart and soul of the team. It is very important that a bomber is clearing and pushing the other team while the ball carrier is passing/moving up with the ball. Don't be afraid to die trying to clear the enemy, it's better you than your team mate. I have noticed some bomber players have gotten off track on what they should be and should not be doing.
Killing & Ratio
Killing for a bomber is very important, you will need to be able to control your killing. It is not helpful to get super high ratios like ratios of 4-5+ and higher. I would aim for an average of 1.5-2.5 or 2-3 ratio per game depending on the circumstances. You will be killing and still be more helpful to your team than someone who is getting a higher ratio than you and not helping the team. Disagree with this. Then your focusing on killing way to much.
Your goal
If you like to play goalie you need to learn how to rush and when to move from the goal area. You can not stay near the goal area for to long. I will not stress this enough. It is very unhelpful if you camp your teams goal. What if you weren't up near the middle of the map and your team dies. There could be a possible whole or half team rushing towards you. I strongly advise playing bomber on a more mid field to aggressive approach.
Clearing the ball from the Goal
This should be done properly if done wrong the ball will fall into enemy hands near the goal area. To ensure success of a cleared ball you should fly as far downward as you can and either shoot it past the half-point of your side of the map or carry it till it is far enough away from the goal so your team has enough time to spawn. You want to get the ball to the bottom most part of the map because it is harder to move up the map than down the map due to some sort of gravity in altitude. When you get near or at the center of the map you should think about either keeping the ball with you or passing forward. There may not be any offensive players on your team that you can pass to in situations like this so try to shoot it as far away from your half point as possible. As a bomber it will make you harder to kill so you can get farther than the average loopy could. Lastly, I have seen a lot of players pass in front of the goal, this is very dangerous to do because an enemy player could be waiting for someone to take the open pass and score only to thank you for his or her goal.
The Mid Point
The mid point for any Bomber is concentrated around mid map control. Being able to keep the center of the map in play when the other team is rushing is key to helping the defense block out the cherry pickers and "Rush Miranda"(Where the Miranda will try to go with the ball alone to the goal) At times the total rush of the team. This is good for the aggressive/offensive Bombers. Take note you need to be able to control the following parts of the map; Center, Top and Bottom. They are all important in ball not just only one. Blocking choke points with grenades is a big factor in map control it may be the "noobish" ideal of choice for most in their mind sets but it is strategy one way or another. I would like to remind you that you should not be dealing out pointless spam. You should spam grenades with a purpose! If any enemy team is in the mid-point trying to get to the goal aim for the group.
Enemies Goal
Bombers should really approach this part of the map as much as they can. Playing offensive bomber is a highly needed skill. It should be the first thing you think about a Bomber when playing. The most successful way to play offensively is to push hard with Bomber spam. It is the single most effective way to keep the ball in the enemies goal area. If done right a Bomber can get goals easily by picking up the ball and moving towards the goal with the amount of damage they can take before dying. I would only try to take the ball and dunk/shoot if there is no one at that moment to get the ball. It should be a "only if" thing.
Bomber Ball Handling
Wait what. No, a bomber should never really be handling the ball. The ideal ball handling for a bomber is to find the best possible team mate to pass too. I will remind you that is not always right away. You will have to take into mind that you can't always get a pass off. Sometimes it's much more helpful to either run with it untill you get a clear pass or if your close enough to the enemies goal that you just dunk it. Bombers shoot/pass the ball at a higher velocity than light planes.
Playing Offensive Bomber
As a bomber player you must make it your mission to destroy the defensive players that block the goal when your team pushes. You will find yourself wanting/having to clear the planes for your team mates. What else do you think your plane is for. The bomber was designed to be a clearing plane or in some words the "tank" plane for a team. When playing offensively you should also remember you can't just blindly rush out and start flailing your grenades around. Spam with a purpose. Find the planes that will help the ball carrier to move forward but not just the closest plane to you. The soul purpose is to clear the enemy from the goal so that the ball carrier can score. You should watch and quickly focus on any planes that will or already trying to attack the carrier. Even when playing offensively as a bomber you should learn to know when to fall back to the middle point and even times when to fully fall back.
Playing Defensive Bomber
You do not want anyone to break your map control. If they do than your just making it harder for your whales to block the enemies push no matter the game mode. One of the cool things I find when playing defensively is that when the enemy ball carrier is moving towards you, all you have to do it turn around so that your tail-gun is pointing at him or her and start firing. With the flak tail-gun it will take more skill than that of the smaller tail-gun from the suppressor perk. It is a more simpler way of defending the goal or the area around it when your the only one left. Something interesting you can do is adapt your defense with a hint of offense. What I mean is you can move up with your team enough so that you have range on the goal, and so that you don't go fully into the goal area.
Pro Tips
Defending The Goal
Never face the attacker when defending as a bomber. You may not kill him thus letting him pass your plane and score. Always face towards the net. Use your tail-gun to force him to give the ball up.
Spawning as Bomber - (Video)
When you spawn as a bomber it should be your first priority to target down near the balls spawn point. It will stop the players that try to rush the ball and sometimes kill them.
Clearing The Ball - (Video)
When clearing the ball it is important that you direct the action of the enemy team so that you have an open space where you can clear the ball or travel until you die.
Bomber Attacking - (Video)
Your bomber has better range with more fire power. Use it to your advantage. There will be times when your plane will be more helpful to kill than any other plane.
Passing To Forwards - (Video)
It is always important that when a bomber has the ball that they pass it to the most viable team mate. Remember to understand that you need to pick the right person to pass too. Not all situations will end positive.

I really hope this helps in your goal to be a great Bomber player. I know i had fun writing this and i hope you had fun reading this long, long...long guide. I really hope the pictures and videos made it more fun.
Special thanks to: Exodus, Class, step, Clap, Truepain, Andy, CCN, bong, Ajuk999, sky and last but not least NipNip.

Finally, if you have any questions about bomber I will be more then happy to clarify and just help you in a private server. Enjoy this beast of a plane and see you in game.

Evan20000 07-20-2010 05:42 PM

We've needed a bomber guide for a while. Not bad so far.

Stormich 07-20-2010 06:12 PM

I find the difficulty ratings kinda funny seeing as nothing gets a 10/10 rating lol. The guide is pretty nice, this should be mandatory first read before entering ladder servers.

haha TO HON triple bombing opponents, gotta love it :D

tgleaf 07-20-2010 06:14 PM

Nice work, mled. Makes me want to go play bomber.

mled 07-20-2010 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by Stormich (Post 66455)
I find the difficulty ratings kinda funny seeing as nothing gets a 10/10 rating lol. The guide is pretty nice, this should be mandatory first read before entering ladder servers.

haha TO HON triple bombing opponents, gotta love it :D

ya it was actually a six bombing run LOL we were bored with lostcity i have the full pics i just croped this 1 hahah

Beagle 07-20-2010 08:07 PM

Plus points for everything else, I particularly like the part where you talk about using the bomber to make the enemy mad

Speaking from experience I'd say to any Bomber going against a HC that bumrushing with grenades is an easy way to overpower them, and if you have one on your ass, remember flak tailgun is a better version of their main gun without the range.

innerlyte 07-20-2010 08:22 PM

Nice work, Mled. Very in-depth. I would add that the biggest advantage to using ultracap is you get an extra grenade at full energy (3 --> 4).

STEP 07-20-2010 10:00 PM

U did it
Awsome Mleddy BomberKing
huge work on that

A Nipple 07-20-2010 10:05 PM

YAY gj!!! really good =DD

mled 07-20-2010 10:29 PM

Hey thanx guys :)

hurripilot 07-21-2010 03:43 AM


Originally Posted by Beagle (Post 66483)
Speaking from experience I'd say to any Bomber going against a HC that bumrushing with grenades is an easy way to overpower them, and if you have one on your ass, remember flak tailgun is a better version of our main gun without the range.

Fixed that for ya, comrade. Nice work on the guide mled, especially the map-analysis. Very very helpful

Beagle 07-21-2010 06:07 AM


Originally Posted by hurripilot (Post 66574)
Fixed that for ya, comrade. Nice work on the guide mled, especially the map-analysis. Very very helpful

But it wasn't broken!

hurripilot 07-21-2010 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by Beagle (Post 66583)
But it wasn't broken!

lol at missing the joke :p

A Nipple 07-21-2010 06:12 PM


shrode 07-21-2010 06:38 PM

nice guide! love the maps part and that rev flak vid was pretty rofl.

One thing that's missing imo is that in the "Suppresser" section there should be a statement something like, "but some experienced bombers use it because the range is redonkulus, making it a very spammable weapon."

gameguard 07-23-2010 06:29 PM

so why do people use ultracap still? In case you didnt notice u can spam 4 nades with battery just like u can with ultra ever since the nerf. All in all the only difference is that itll take u longer to shoot 2 flaks after a spam with ultra.

Stormich 07-23-2010 06:43 PM

I don't think you're right Game, I do prefer turbo though cause on most maps (not LC/Hills) you don't get to spam all 4 nades anyway.

A Nipple 07-24-2010 07:17 PM

I have to admit I think ultra suits a more spam style bomber user! turbo is more efficient when u go round aiming most of your targets down and rely on the extra energy to be able to kill efficiently and escape with the use of some flak! whereas if u go in with ultra and kill a target with your aim your basically left exposed to any remaining threats with no charge left to defend yourself!

imo ultra based bombers are more spam based, tyr probably the best user of ultra says bomber is about using spam at the right time and gives the impression he mostly relies on spam, saying that he does a good job of it! =]

niparoo =]

gameguard 07-24-2010 08:11 PM

ok i will elaborate. I played around with ultracap yesterday and came to the conclusion that its almost exactly like battery if you are playing for map control and spamming. But if you play more recklessly and throw out couple nades here and there, battery is more efficient.

The thing is, now that there is a time delay after each shot, by the time u shoot 3 nades with battery, you have enough energy for one more shot. Well its like .2 ms slower than a full 4 nade spam from ultracap.

Battery gives u faster shots after u deplete your energy which makes it better dont you think?

Massi 07-24-2010 09:10 PM

Great guide, really liked the map analysis.

tomato man 07-25-2010 11:00 AM

gratz u did an awesome guide mled

wolf'j'max 07-25-2010 01:33 PM

very nice mled, finally got to read it with the pictures =]

Zombi 07-25-2010 10:06 PM

A good bomber guide at last!! Shame on u oldfags :mad:

Bomber is my second fav plane (sorry mates but randa rulezz and everybody knows :D)

mled 09-04-2010 06:05 PM

Improved bomber guide assistance with hollywood for layout and ball and ajuk999 for images what do people think better?

Alleanah 09-05-2010 07:35 PM

Thank you for this guide!

I love the bomber and I am looking forward to being able to use this guide to make me a better player.

Ajuk999 09-05-2010 07:44 PM

Welcome to the Altitude Community!

Woohoo, more Californians. :D

mled 09-05-2010 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by Alleanah (Post 74114)
Thank you for this guide!

I love the bomber and I am looking forward to being able to use this guide to make me a better player.

no problem. I also do 1on1 support if you want some extra help. Trendy11one is getting better and better.

andy 09-05-2010 10:19 PM

I dont see where this could get better. Good work mled. When is it becoming official?

classicallad 09-05-2010 11:37 PM


Originally Posted by mled (Post 74155)
no problem. I also do 1on1 support if you want some extra help. Trendy11one is getting better and better.

i can vouch for this, he was pwning me in ladder all day long 0,o

mled 09-05-2010 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by andy (Post 74164)
I dont see where this could get better. Good work mled. When is it becoming official?

well i plan ajuk999 to do some more titles, a video for ball (maybe 2), spell check once more and add stuff i may have missed and want to add, and i MIGHT do a little section for people who never even played bomber before just what to know to get started (for people of steam and stuff)
Thats about it probably wont do half that stuff but the more the merrier right? So ya hope it gets approved past beta guides before the 9th. music for videos will be on asap

Ajuk999 09-06-2010 01:17 AM

I am working on the graphics mled ;)

Pieface 09-18-2010 06:13 PM

Congratulations! Your guide has been reviewed and moved to the Completed Guides subforum. Good work guys. :)

mled 12-02-2010 02:47 AM

Message for Loli: tell me what you think about dumb bombs now that you have been playing them a lot.

XX1 12-02-2010 07:30 AM

Mled D: loli cant really play because of some real life issues, unless they were resolved then my bad...

acegunner 12-03-2010 02:29 AM

love the guide mleddyy :)

redsteven 01-02-2011 07:26 PM

You have damage written in both the "damage" section and the "explosion" section for each weapon. I'm confused : \

Trying to figure out if I should use my bombs to blow up enemy turrets, or grenades.

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