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kazi 04-30-2011 05:13 AM

how do I log in to old account
So.... I bought this game off of steam some time ago, and played it enough to earn myself a few ace badges. The other day I decided to delete Windows and start running Linux (so I don't have access to my Steam copy anymore). When I start up the game on my Linux operating system I can't seem to figure out how to log in to my old account. Any suggestions?


leggomyeggo 04-30-2011 05:45 AM

I believe that if your account was from steam, you can't transfer it over to the standalone version of altitude, sorry :(. I'll see if I can dig around and find karlam's post.

Edit: Yeah, here's the post i was looking for:

And also pieface explaining it hurr: (basically just his last sentence)

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