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Fartface 05-26-2017 10:19 PM

Spec procedure suggestion
Gonna resuggest a feature as old as ladder, which for some reason has never been implemented: Give players who have spec'd a lot recently a better chance of not continuing to be spec'd. Very easy to code (15 min) -- just 1) keep the original procedure of not letting anyone double spec unless there are >12 specs joining the game, but then 2) After that is done, look through who has spec'd 2 (or 3) games previously and give them priority over people who have not been speccing a lot.

Reminded of idea when moon played 6 consecutive games today while Clam and I both played 3 in the same time (play 1, spec 1, play 1, spec 1, play 1, spec 1). No reason for this and discourages staying in the server.

VAN1SH1NG 05-27-2017 07:14 AM

Maybe you have missed the discussion but this may be the final season of ladder. Currently, I am slightly leaning towards keeping it up a couple days a week, but it may be shutdown completely.

But anyway it hasn't been much of a problem. It would indeed be relatively simple to ensure complete fairness, but it probably would take closer to an hour to handle properly and even that wouldn't be cross server (although that shouldn't matter much with this).

I recently started rewriting my server code and if there ends up being another season of ladder I will probably include this change. (If there is no more ladder, rewrite is still being done to host new pub servers).

Kafka 05-27-2017 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by VAN1SH1NG (Post 198140)
host new pub servers

Do we really need more pub servers?

Or would yours be some sort of ladder/pub hybrid? i.e. a more structured pub server.

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