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Derpaherp 12-05-2009 10:51 PM

Play 2 minutes, forced logoff due to no connection

yes my port 27272 UDP is open after port forwarding it, I've checked that with PFPortchecker program. has no help cause it doesn't have my specific modem type, A-LINK RR24AP(i+) and anything of close similar model has totally different manuals and menus than what this one shows.

No I don't have wireless on, and all the antennas have been detached, or I don't have any background programs working except Norton which was permitted to this game atleast 100 years ago. also a specific rule for UDP 27272 for this program inputted to it, but no.

I tried the ping -t cmd window trick too read from other thread, but that has no effect.

2 minutes of playtime, then it kicks me off, cannot connect for varying amount of minutes back in or resetting game. No progress saves. stuck on UDP handshake 1.

I checked the logs and see this everytime.

ERROR [2009-12-06 00:35:57,601] [main]: Disconnecting : Have not received a message from vapor server in 1 minute 54 seconds. My IP is XX.XXX.XX.XXX:27272.
INFO [2009-12-06 00:35:57,602] [main]: AltGame[instance=0, port=27272, playerId=5] - connection to vapor terminated

Disregard this, I got this working. I did have Wireless option on.

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