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The modkill on the police was bad yeah, but the police weren't all that important besides their role in the Black Market (one out of the five investigation roles, albeit the most powerful one, and a jailer, pretty much). The Black Market flopping was the most disappointing thing about this game for me, btw... sadface.jpg

But for balance, I think having the landmine explode on Kennedy and evilarsenal, killing two scum without wasting any town roles and leaving four confirmed townies more than balanced out the loss of the police.

I didn't mention this before because I didn't want players to go and look it up, but I took the general set-up and a number of the roles (somewhat modified) from Insane 2 in the teamliquid mafia forums by LSB. So special thanks to him for giving me permission to use it. In that game the police commissioner became mayor and bought a number of RPGs on the Black Market. He was supposed to use two to kill a corporation member, after which town would have probably ended up with a couple of lynches to find the last corporation member. But the mayor forgot to send the PM and he got killed and the Corporation won the Black Market and got the RPGs and used them for a couple of free kills. GG

I asked Kennedy in PM after he died how he got the bodyguards. I deleted it because my inbox got full at one point, but it basically came down to eliminating people who claimed and people who actively doubted/opposed Ribilla. Then he looked for players who posted confidently and without fear, because they knew Ribilla would never let them be lynched. And that is how you play mafia .

Thanks for all the kind words, folks, I had a good time running the game. It was amusing.
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