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VPS hosts are a total crap shoot. We have gone through 3 of them in Europe, all of whom got good praises on

Europe VPS we've tried:
  1. VAServe (a2b2, cheapVPS and many other names)
    1. They got hacked and some other company bought them
    2. They charge $35 USD and 19.99 euros a 17% markup for USD customer
    3. They send invoices in DD/MM/YY format which is confusing as hell. Other competent Euro companies send in DD/MMM/YY so month is spelled out like Oct.
  2. EuroVPS
    1. Their VPS servers just sucked horribly. Couldn't run servers worth a damn
  3. hostineuro
    1. These guys seem awesome so far, really powerful specs for real cheap. Located in Netherlands.

  1. Proaxxs
    1. located somewhere in PA
    2. No choice of where your VPS will be
    3. They seem ok so far though for $19.99 USD/month

Dedicated servers
  1. Colocrossing
    1. These guys have been pretty awesome. You could host a crap ton of servers on one of their dedicated boxes
    2. Very expensive

Oh I would also like to note that I knew about and used Colocrossing because of their awesome Counter Strike servers Someone could talk to them and see if it's possible for them to set up an Altitude server

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