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Default Clan availability and scheduling

I know we'll have to sort out the multiple clans vs. multiple teams vs. sticking with just {ball}, but we have other matters to sort out for our scrimmages and upcoming battles (KLF next weekend, and jazzspaz wants to put a team against {ball} sometime soon). Plus, we're getting spontaneous challenges for on-the-spot matches, which are great as well.

Please private message me (posting here will clutter this discussion way too much) with the following information and I will try to organize things for all of us:

Altitude handle/name (some people go by one name in the forums and something else in-game):

Preferred plane:

Other plane(s) you are good at:

Your timezone/location:

Preferred times for scrimmages and matches:

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 the highest, how interested/available are you for matches, leagues, and that sort of thing?

We are striving to make {ball} as casual and commitment-free as possible (I, for example, can't commit to regular matches), but I'd like to get a sense of how we should move forward.


P.S. I will be updating the roster (first post on this thread) with names of players who want to join {ball}. Even though we've frozen membership, I think we should keep track of additional folks who want in. They might join a split-off clan, or join a team such as the one jazzspaz intends to make.
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