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Originally Posted by 404notfound View Post
One thing I feel I ought to point out is that there's a very slight activation time on the remote mine before you can detonate it, giving enemy planes a small window during which they can pass harmlessly over your mine. In situations where you're right on top of another plane, or you hit an enemy with a rocket and then turn around to face away from them, choosing regular mines over remote mines can mean the difference between a graze and a kill.

One thing I find myself doing with relative frequency is hitting a plane with a rocket and then, as I pass through them, dropping a mine right on top of them, which not only hits them with the full force of the mine but also gives you a nice speed boost to get you away from them, if they're still alive.

It might not be enough to sway some people's decisions on whether to take remote mines or director/thermo, but it's something to take into consideration.
^^ Good points.

Remote mine is probably the worst option to choose as a explodet plane right now, mainly due to that the mines take a long time for you to be able to explode them after you eject them, and that the mines aren't collidable. This constantly leads to smaller planes getting on your tail and have no real way of shaking them off. With thermobarics and director you can simply point your rear towards them and plant a mine on their face which is very useful. Remote mine now has no real strong points apart from the ability to leave a mine at a chokepoint. Its even more useless in ball mode.
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