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Originally Posted by SkyTiger View Post
lol. of all people.
cmon kuja.

I'm sure you do it, but maybe you haven't analyzed it yet.
Amount of turn is related to the following:
- plane type
- Location of thermo blowing up in relation to the nose of the plane
- Speed of the plane
- distance from the center point of the plane
- Plane turning angle at the moment you blow up thermo

Now, consider a loopy going at avg speed, not turning
- blow it up directly above the loopy, and it turns approx 45~50 degrees up.
- blow it up above+behind (toward the tail) and it turns approx 90 degrees up.
- same for below
*distanced about 1/2 plane length away from the center of the plane.

Now consider a loopy going at avg speed, turning at the moment you blowing up thermo.
- Blow it up in the same direction of the turn, and you make it turn up to 135 degrees or more if not corrected fast. Doing this makes the plane turn faster than the max-turn-rate and thus very deadly.
- Blow it up in the opposing direction of the turn and it slows/stops the turn.
- similar to above, the effect is stronger if you blow it up toward the tail of the plane, further toward the tail the stronger the turn.
*distanced about 1/2 plane length away from the center of the plane.

I'm sure you do it all the time. consider a bomb runner going straight towards your base about quarter screen away ( consider cave/grotto/heights middle route) and you somehow can't block but need to stop the bomb runner.
- blowing thermo directly above the plane makes it arc up, and if bomb released, will probably still land on the base.
- blowing thermo above+behind the plane makes it turn up 90 degrees. and might cause bomb to lob directly upwards if released late.
- blowing thermo below the plane, makes it arc down and will probably make the plane get off course immediately. Thus the preferred choice (if not directly above your base already).
- close to the plane, and you do more damage for the kill.
- further from the plane( such as below + tail ) will make it turn more but less damage.
so weigh out if you want to kill, or just make it miss and decide where to blow your thermo.

once you know thermo enough, its easy to lead people into walls, or make a plane miss their aim on you etc etc. (accurately i must add)

srsly, the thermo isn't programmed with a random angle generator!!
Its programmed with an algorithm that will calculate the angle of turn. No random factor here.

*phew that was hard to explain.
Ah I did do this to some degree already however I was unaware of the details, very much appreciated.
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