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Originally Posted by MagneticDuck` View Post
  1. There is no control lag, and there are no jumps in your position regardless of what weapons / items are used against you. Your flight is completely consistent with what you see on your screen.
  2. Weapon fire delay equal to your latency. Sorry. This is related with my decision to make modding exclusively server-side.
  3. When weapons hit an opponent on your screen, the effects are real.
  4. Weapons that hit the position you were at before an interval of time equal to your latency passed may register an effect on you. (Unlike in altitude, this interval is equal to your, not you assailant's, ping.)
  5. It will appear to take the average of your latency with an opponent's latency for a position-altering weapon you deployed to have an effect on them.
  6. Mainly due to reasons listed above, players with high ping suffer severe handicaps, not game-breaking bonuses.
1) Con: This can cause opponents to fly though your recently placed wall, as they haven't yet registered that the wall is there. (This is an acceptable con imo)
2) Does weapon fire delay == powerup fire delay? (I don't want to make assumptions.) Does the location of attacks originate from where I will be once latency's time has passed, or where I was when I clicked?
3) This feels great as the attacking player, knowing where you actually need to hit. As the defending player against packet dropping opponents, this can feel terrible. "He shot me around a wall?" If they (attacker) get to packet drop at the right time, and their view of you is flying out into the field when you actually turned back to base, this can get killed quick.
#4 is an awesome result of #2 <3

Wall lag: I'm not sure exactly how much this system alters wall lag, but I think it does decrease it. Wall lag occurs when the ball bounces off a wall powerup on some clients but not on all clients. This problem is also seen when the ball is shoot at a small rounded object, and the small amount of change between client's initial bounce position from that object greatly changes it's bounce direction. I think the ball should have a jump in position on some screens to keep the ball on the same side of a wall.
Also, if a ball's initial send message has the first expected bounce point and direction, the amount of uncertainty between clients can be greatly reduced. This adds two more variables per shot ball. I don't think this is important on ball carrier death, as ball speed is so much lower.
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