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Originally Posted by Karl View Post
I haven't found anything to convert old vBulletin 3.8, I tried phpbb and it didn't work. I would prefer not to use another PHP based forum software.
Maybe I'll play with discourse this weekend... everything would be from scratch, no automatic conversion of old forum data.
I have already been working on setting up a Discourse forum for the last couple days. It is already installed and I am finishing up getting the settings configured ( - user registration disabled for now). Not sure what you have against PHP, but I used Discourse for other reasons.

Unless you are working on Altitude 2 I suggest not worrying about hosting forums and just let me do it, since I don't think you have the time to manage them anyway. This forum has been up for 8 years and still has the default vBulletin logo .

Really shouldn't be that much trouble to import to another forum software. Not like there is anything custom with these forums to worry about. That said, I think it may be better to start fresh anyway especially if these remain up read only. I think using Steam would have been a good option, but the $5 restriction is a major problem for a free game.

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