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I am not proposing to change it to 2 EU games and 1 US game. My goal is to balance the obvious current inequality a bit, by sometimes having a 2 EU 1 US game instead of always having a 1 EU 2 US game.

I do see the server problems though and I assumed APL 5 and 6 were still in existence, but I do not see that is brought up as an argument, as according to current rules we can play one game in an EU server already. Also I do not think it is necessary to have admin powers in all servers used, as all teams have proved to be able to run perfectly fair games themselves.

I also understand now, that basing the server advantage on ranking, might be problematic in the beginning of the league.I am just trying to come up with a solution.

Guess most fair would be to randomly determine the server advantage at the beginning of the match or to make a system in which each team challenges the other twice (home and away).

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