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Default What you've been waiting for

Henceforth, {ball} will be two teams called {ball} and {ball*}.

These teams will operate independently with separate leadership, joining requirements, and commitment levels. It is our hope that what was started by Moxie will grow into a friendly competitive spirit, and that the addition of a second team will spur the growth of additional ball clans to compete with.

There may be times when {ball} and {ball*} join forces to take on another clan. The KLF match next weekend is a good example of this, and will be open to anyone from either team.

{ball} will be captained by tgleaf and Moxie. I would like to ask that Kai and who stay on this team, but beyond that anyone else is welcome to stay or to move to {ball*}. I would also like to retain Nikon, as he has been developing logos for us. It would be great if non-loopies (e.g. Harmonica and Don't Follow) would pick different teams to balance us out, but it's not necessary.

{ball*} will be captained by drunkguava and Wiseguy. They will start a new forum thread to discuss the creation of that team.

If you are a current member of {ball}, please let me know which team you would like to join. There is no tryout necessary -- you are automatically IN.

If you are not a member but would like to join, please speak to a captain.

Long live {ball}!!!


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