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A nerf without a nerf was my thinking.

I like the balance of randa weapons and perks now but still think they play out a tiny bit OP now. I like that Randa's reward aggressive play and don't want to lose that, I also want to maintain the agility and flexability that flying Randa provides. I just think that warping is too much of a weapon. Replacing it with director type spazzness of oponents flight without any damage would still allow Randas to come in attack and escape again but would make it harder for randa pilots to be able to kill on one engagement.

Imagine if someone described a Randa today in the suggestions forum - they'd get told to do one and stop being silly.

Taking away warp damage would mean that a good player can still kill but means a mediocre player isn't guarenteed a HP.

I must add a disclaimer that I speak only from what my peepers have observed in TBD. I do worry that this suggestion would ruin randa in 1DM and this fact unsettles me greatly as I secretly want to bum 1DM players. As for ball players, I have no idea how this would effect them but suggest that any disatisfaction could be settled by increasing noises and moving colours for after playing ball_football once and being the type to make inaccurate generalisations, I view ball players as simpletons.
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