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Default Guide: Altitude Server on Amazon EC2 Free Tier

UPDATE March 2017: Google Cloud has recently started an always free tier (in addition to 1 year trial of up to $300). However, it is limited to a few US regions only at the moment. If you want a US server I'd go with Google Cloud since it won't be limited to one year like Amazon. I will try to put a guide together soon.

You can run an Altitude server for free for one year through Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you want the lowest latency possible you should pay for a server (will write another guide for other providers soon), but Amazon EC2 is stable and provides decent latency. EC2 has been used in the past for various servers. Altitourney was on US East, old EU ladder was on EU for awhile, and I currently have some Australia servers running out of Sydney (only have like 2 months left free though).

This guide is written for running a Linux EC2 server and setting it up with tools that run on Windows. This guide will still be helpful if you don't have a Windows machine to set up your EC2 instance, but you will need to find equivalent tools for your OS. I recommend against using Windows EC2 instances though as Linux will run better on a micro instance.

Sign up at You will have to provide credit card info, but you won't be charged assuming you stay within the free tier limits and make sure you cancel everything before the year is up.

Locations available:
  1. US East (N. Virginia)
  2. US West (Oregon)
  3. US West (N. California)
  4. EU West (Ireland)
  5. EU Central (Frankfurt)
  6. Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  7. Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
  8. Asia Pacific (Sydney)
  9. South America (São Paulo)

You will only have enough enough free EC2 hours to run a single instance, so pick one of the above locations. You can always destroy an instance and create a new instance in another location if you want.

To log into and set up your server you will need the following applications:
Altitude (non steam) - If you only have the steam version installed download the non-steam version / demo and install it. The server configurator tool is not included with the Steam version.
PuTTY, PuTTYgen, and Pageant - These are all made by the same person, you can download them at I recommend the Windows installer but if you want to download the tools individually you can do that too.
WinSCP - Used to upload files to your EC2 instance:

After you have signed up for an AWS account and have the necessary software follow the steps in the second post.

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