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Default that is why i leave the game

to everybody

the wonderfull 2,5 years i have been playing in vlix i did all my best for the team. that includes saying the truth to the auto self proclamed captain, Jwhatever.

vlix worked as a democracy, all vlixers vote the new members, until j broke the system. after several painfull loses where for example J refuses to whale even he is the best whale (along with jim) i realized j just was a selfish member who only thinks in him not the team.

He started to recruit whales instead a good randa who could plays the days fart was missing. j is a nice randa but is not great. that was pretty clear the day we lost a final where fart was missing.

so i beg him to pick sanis. He said no. he told me sanis was not better than him (lol). Then he says picking sanis could brake the balanced in SL. i told him ball will keep winning if he refuses to pick sanis. I told him that way of thinking only was good for ball clan and he was working more as a Ball member than vlixs. He says that yes, lol.
i even asked him for pick at least mystery, he obtain a lot of positive votes, but democracy means nothing to his will of being the vlix randa. He told me he didnt want mystery because he is dutch and in his opinion dutch people are morons. This is true.
So after losing another final or semi final, where J got angry because i failed a goal (it is true, ask plauzo) i decide to quit because with the enemy inside, working for ball, there was not chance to win sl and at least in epic i will have a good time with people who were more friendly than J. I promised J that i was not going to bring plauzo to Epic, even he was willing to come. i didnt want to make any hurt to vlix. until the end i was loyal.

vlix lost againt ball and epic comes 3rd with sanis being our star.

Then vlix picked Sanis!!! and epic disapeared.

i was with no clan and i asked for rejoining. i thought fart or J will accep me inmediatly, i was the one who trusted sanis from the begining, after all, they destroyed my clan. J said there is no place to me because he wants me to play and i wont have any chance to play. I said i didnt have any problem with that, i was willing to be sub (as always). He says that that was even worse???

in that moment i saw that J just simply hates me, he didnt want me.
nobody inside vlix said nothing.

J took everything from me in altitude, i am going to leave the game.

that are my reasons, sorry if you feel bad.

i want to apologice with UFO, i was a dick to him just because i got mad. UFO is not the one i should blame.
It is a pity Vlix doesnt have more Sl, ask j why.

i didnt make up anything from the above.

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