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Originally Posted by JWhatever View Post
Also, I don't hate the Dutch, I just don't like Myst or Nibo.

That is a lie. Another one. LIER. you said what yo said, no my problem. it is a pity i didnt make a screenshoot to show everyone how really are u. Dont worry, nobody is going to believe me.

Back in 2014 when we had the discussion of getting Sanis or Mystery, I didn't see the need for us to get another miranda player. We had Fart and myself.
I also saw both myself and fart as a better randas than Mystery and Sanis back then.
If you did not see sanis is was and will be better randa than you until 2015, you are not very good observer of the game.You can find videos in youtube where you can see good randas playing. I would say you didnt want sanis because you knew with him you were not going play randa again, dont worry nobody is going to believe me.

Sanis left EPIC before we even talked with him about joining Vlix. We had just lost one of our lights so he was the perfect guy to fill that spot.
That is right, you have a point here.

ne of the biggest reasons =AIR= died was because it grew too big. At best, we had about 20 active players. We did a lot of bad decisions with the management on lineups and such. Ever since I've wanted to run a small and confined clan.

For SL 12 I had plans of running a 12 man roster with 3 backups. I intended on fielding only those 12 selected players.
The other 3 are old players in the clan who have been active in previous seasons.

We play this game because we want to play, simply said. No one wants to waste 2 hours of their Sunday for just watching other people play.
After replacing ssd and getting Apathy, I didn't have any room in my list of 12 players.

Don, I know you want to play the game. I honestly would have sat you every game because I wanted to give everyone else a chance to play. We didn't need another loopy since we already had 5 of them. Having you on Vlix would have meant that there would have been one good loopy less on the overall player pool. It would have been a waste of talent.
Even with only 12, I could have done a better job being fair towards everyone.
I said to you i didnt mind to be spec. Now yes there will be one good loopy less in the overall player pool. forever. If you think you can destroy my hopes of get a ****ing SL after all these years with any consequences...

I think that is just Bull**** you are inventing to pretending to be the hero. Dont worry people will believe u.

I've never wanted to poach the best players or the team leading players from worse clan than mine. Stacking teams is not healthy for the competition and it's a proper dib**** move to kill smaller clans.

Before anyone calls me a hypocrite due to recruiting Sanis and Apathy, I just want to point out that this is the first time we've won SL. We had really close and good games against asdf. We were better but not by that big of a margin.
I'd much rather do it this way than roflstomping everyone else.
The final Joke. Remember when i broke vlix with epic as a whale in lost city?
You could take me as a whale and let apa in AK. But you prefered to let me out and bring APA, almost killing AK 2 weeks before SL. You are liying again about defending the values in Clans when you almost killed AK. Yes i am happy you realized you are an hypocrite.

I will not be back here. You can say whatever yo want. Maybe i am just an idiot, but i think i have my points. Everybody is free to make fun about don.

Enjoy alti and your SL.


If there is any admin, please delete this account. I could find any way to do it.
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