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Exclamation altitude fantasy football 2016!


congrats to G00SE, our 2015 champion and FIRST EVER repeat champion!! it was a hard fought season and he made it happen against seemingly insurmountable odds.

i've renewed our league for the 2016 season, draft is tentatively set for saturday the 3rd of september at 10pm pacific (last weekend before the season starts) but is subject to change based on who can and can't make that time. just let me know your preferences!

this is probably the best time to discuss changes we want to make to the format, last season it was a 16-man auction and we had 2 inactive teams that i didn't invite back this year. did we like the auction format or do we want to go back to standard? how did we feel about the short benches (only 4 slots last season)? should we make the flex W/R spot a W/R/TE spot? do we want kickers back? do we want to try to get 2 more teams in or is 14 enough? hit me up with some feedback!

this year when i renewed it just automatically renewed everyone's team so i'm going to try to ask every person individually if they plan on playing again this season. everyone that confirms i'll put below:

1. ssd
2. ex~
3. fh
4. rye
5. angryirishman
6. G00SE
7. JDR
8. ufo
9. Clapon
10. dozer
11. truepa!N
12. ball'n
13. DDP
14. Kafka

as always, good luck this season, i feel like it's gonna be truepa!N's year! if you're not in the league and would like to join feel free to leave a comment just letting me know you're interested so i can put you on a waitlist if we decide to expand the league or if people don't want to renew. thanks!

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