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Auction was fun and I'd like to keep it going

Short benches were rough - 1 more spot would be better methinks. Many a team (mine included) really got dicked over when an injury went down. Of course we were all equally dicked, but i think adding a rooster spoot would only punish the highly inactive which is fine. I feel strongly about this one and will politik for it harder if we need to weed out some details, but I'm not checking forums very often so feel free to text me to discuss further or to nudge me to check forums if I'm not responding.

I'm also for W/R/TE spot. I don't really see the reason not to, but I don't much care either way. If we stick to 4 man bench and 16 team, I think adding the flexibility of a TE would mitigate the unforgiving nature of the state of the league.

**** kickers

16 team felt like too much. I know we are trying to be inclusive but 16 is a lot. If all 16 were active last year, it would've been even ruffer than it already was.
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