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Originally Posted by XX1 View Post
Yeah I think you and mike have the most at 10 total

actually mike only has 8 (2 as lindqvro)

10: ball'n
9: Hollywood
8: Mikesol
7: Aya, DMCM, XX2, zZ+
6: bsteady, on1x, ufo, ViPR, Void
5: dozer, dvd, fartface, Matattack, Maverick, nadespam, number 3, ryebone, Tomniator, Walt
4: Andy, Brutal, Carlos, ex~, Pein
3: Braiden, Cookie, DN, drunkguava, ingbo, JWhatever, leggomyeggo, Metagame, mssv, Nikon, Nipple, Pata, Radium, Stormpooper, Texas, Threevenge, Wolf
2: Apathy, Beefheart, Clapon, D4rt, Denied, donk, Frosttwig, funnyhell, G00SE, gameguard, Goal, Gustav, Harmonica, iderik, keppo, kluss, loli.ta, maleus, manive, mled, nastymanatee, plauze, shrode, soccernamlak, some poor soul, Stormich, stygma, Sunaku, taze, toast, tori, wok3n^, wolfey, woofy, wuwu, wyrd
It's funny how many people got these ships from {ball}. Makes sense though since we have 7 of 13..
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