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Originally Posted by Flexio View Post
Completely irrelevant statements; the real issues are (1) does this thread have the quality to be an official guide AND (2) why was this thread tagged as a guide so early (and who did it). You fail to address either of these real issues and instead resort to personal attacks on my character and respectability as a forum member. Although I'd be glad to discuss my history on these forums and my contributions, I nonetheless consider the quoted post complete off topic insults and attacks.

Let's stay on the issues at hand. If you support this guide and its author and are capable of presenting a sound argument for it I would happy to discuss.
If you're upset about it containing jokes, then really you need to realize that no new player is going to come here, sit down, and read through a whole guide that completely bores the **** out of them. Literally. It was most likely tagged as [G] because the moderator thought that it was a needed guide and altogether beneficial for the community. The guides don't always have to be completely flushed out imo. As for who did it, why do you care? It would have had to been a moderator, so they obviously are more important than you, and are probably smarter than you. Thus, that's why they make decisions.

I resort to personal attacks because...well because **** you.
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