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Default [G] Trickster Guide

Pictures will be up as soon as I can find some good miranda pictures. If you have any, PM me.

Here it is:

A Trickster Guide

1. Intro/About
2. About the Trickster
3. Perks and Playstyles
4. Maps
5. Modes
6. Match ups
7. Lag and You
8. Advanced Techniques
9. Closing Statements

Hello, I go by Sinstar20K or some variant of it in game. I’ve been playing since the beta (Although not seriously competitively until a few months ago). I’ve been a mono-trickster player since I started and have become rather proficient with it. Due to the lack of a trickster faq, I thought I’d start one up. I’m probably not the most qualified person in the world, but it’s a start.

About the Trickster

The Miranda has 3 red perks as you probably know; Trickster, Laser and Anchor. This guide will be covering only the first. The Miranda has even less health then the fragile loopy and a fraction of the speed and maneuverability. This means you have to stay on your toes at most times. The key to surviving with this plane is energy management. Think of your energy bar as a second health bar. If it depletes and you haven’t killed or weakened all nearby enemies, you’re as good as dead. You have various tricks to help you survive (Hence the name). Your dash and reverse are your primary tools, but there are others as well. On the offensive, you have your standard dash-combo, a charged shot with spam, a well aimed sniper shot, and a flurry of dashes. As powerful as the combo is, your energy will be completely depletes afterwards. (Unless you’re using Ultracap) Useful in close quarters against a single target, but outlives its usefulness very quickly in competitive, fast paced games or against groups. If you like greasing up your chest and fighting many enemies, the trickster likely isn’t for you.

Perks and Play styles

First, lets get down to the perks:

Red Perks
Time Anchor

Green Perks
Rubber Hull
Heavy Armor
Repair Drone
Flexible Wings

Blue Perks
Reverse Thrust
Ace Instincts

Obviously we’re going to use the Trickster as our red perk. Now depending on your play style, the other perks will change. Trickster players usually play 1 of 3 ways; Dash Combo Spam, Sniper, or Bomber. I’ve included a few sample builds to play with to accommodate most play styles.

Competitive setups

The Cookie Cutter

The most common build. Usually played because it can fill almost any role. A favorite of dash-spammers and bombers alike. When people refer to the trickster being easy, they’re usually referring to this build. Easy to learn, difficult to master.

Neo Cookie Cutter
Heavy Armor

Metagame evolution is a fascinating thing, eh? This is the new build that almost all of the top tricksters use. It's versatile and very powerful. The heavy armor lets you run bombs more effectively and makes it harder to be combo'd by other Mirandas. There's really not much else to say about it because of it's widespread use. It's more difficult to play then a repair variant, but more effective when mastered.

The Sniper

Because you have less overall energy, you cannot pull off all of the stunts you could with the Cookie Cutter. You need to keep your distance as you cannot be in combat long with this setup. While this setup is seeing less play, (Due to being slightly harder to play then the cookie cutter and being less versatile) it is still incredibly viable for league play and is one of my personal favorites. While playing this plane, I recommend taking as much cover as you can. If you see an enemy coming around a corner, you probably won’t have the energy to engage them like with the Cookie Cutter, so back off unless you’re confident you can take them.

The Ace
Heavy Armor/Repair Drone
Ace Instincts

This setup is an absolute monster when it gets going. The buff on Ace instincts lets this setup shine as (in my opinion), the strongest Miranda setup out there. Heavy Armor lets you reliably kill any plane 1 on 1, while repair lets you stay in the action longer. After getting 3 golds, your teams chances of winning skyrocket because this plane alone can control large portions of a map. This setup is also the most difficult to play because you don't have the extra energy provided by turbo or ultracap and you have to stay alive a long time to be effective. In my experience, this is the most difficult Trickster setup, but also most rewarding one in the game.

Non-Anchor Bomber


This setup regulates the Miranda to a bomber only role. I’ve had limited success with this setup, but believe that it’s viable if practiced enough. The flexible wings are very nice, but the Miranda lacks the durability of a biplane and doesn’t have the Time Anchor as a panic button. If you can avoid enemy fire, then by all means do so. However, Heavy Armor is also a good choice to try to emulate the Biplane’s durability. This runner is likely outclassed by a decent Anchor, but is viable for people who want to stay on a strict runner role while keeping their reverse.

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