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There are typically 2 types of loopies. Acid and Double Fire. Try to take them from the side so you don’t get EMP’d or Acid-ed. If you must take them head on, then you need to get behind them and follow up very quickly or you will die. Trying to run from an EMP Loopy will usually prove to be futile. Acid loopies are also very good at ending your killing spree, so be careful. Acid+2 Missiles is all it takes to bring you down if you cannot find health. Try to engage them around corners (Or close combat in general) so you’re less likely to get hit with their secondary weapon. Against heavy armor builds, don’t try to hit and run as this will likely get you killed when you approach. They also move too quickly to reliably snipe them from extreme distances. (Possible, but don’t rely on it) Despite all of this, the loopy is one of the easiest matchups because of how vulnerable they are to the dash combo.

Difficulty: 3/10


Most bombers are all about waiting for the right time to strike. You need to catch them in a place where you aren’t behind or in front of them, or you’ll die painfully. If that isn’t possible, try to stay under their nose so their volley doesn’t hit you. Trying to fly over a bomber is usually a one-way ticket back to the respawn point due to how easily they can pivot upwards and kill you. Going under is usually safest. If you manage to bait their salvo, then you have maybe 2 seconds to kill them before you’re back on the defensive. Tricky matchup, tedious matchup, but not exactly a hard matchup.

Difficulty: 6/10


You know how if a Miranda misses it’s first shot, it usually dies? This plane excels at doing just that. It likes to throw you all over, twist you into walls, and generally be an asshole with mines. Although this is contrary to everything I’ve been telling you so far, you want to stay out in the open against this monster. That way you won’t go flying into a wall with one missile and can get away if needed. Despite the missiles tossing power, they also do a fair amount of damage (About half your health without bars). Sniping is the key to taking these guys down. If that’s not possible for whatever reason, you could try to have a teammate distract them while you try to Warp Combo them and pray you don’t get a mine to the face. This matchup is hard, I’m not going to lie. Hard enough that I made a build just to stop these guys in the plane section. UPDATE: Most whales use Flexy Wings now. This means you can wear them down over time, making the fight much easier.

Difficulty: 8/10


The most favored plane by many players. This thing is either really easy or really hard depending on your positioning skills. In a head-to-head shootout, you’ll lose every time, so you need to flank around them. Confronting them at corners is the WORST thing that you can do. Seriously, that’s a free kill for them; don’t do it. Beyond getting behind them, the rest of the strategy depends on their build. If you’re facing a Dogfighter/Recoilless, try to get a snipe off to draw their attention, then dash behind them as they draw near. Quickly finish them off before they can turn around. Against HC, your strategy depends on their blue perk. If they aren’t playing Sniplane, then you just have to avoid the front end and they’re pretty helpless, much like the Dogfighter/Recoilless. Against a Sniplane, if you’re not close when they engage you, it’s best just to try to get away. You’ll usually lose a 1v1 sniper duel against it. If you can get close, then try to get behind them. This leaves them with a few choices. They can either thrust backwards and try to take another shot at you or they can try to use their thrust to get away. If they choose to run, cautiously give chase. This plane is good at setting up ambushes. If they choose to continue the engagement, do your best to stay behind them until you either kill them or force them to run away. UPDATE: With the buff to Heavy Cannon, any biplane packing HC should be avoided unless you have an advantage. In a fair fight against a good HC, you will lose EVERY time. If you can survive to get 2 Silver Bars, you can Combo them and they become slightly easier, but that cannon will still hurt like hell.

Difficulty: 5/10
Difficulty: 10/10 (Heavy Cannon)


So you’re trying to kill fellow Mirandas? Why would you go and do that?!? Anyway, this fight is very difficult to explain. Lets start with laser as it is the easiest. The key to beating laser, much like a Sniplane, is to stay behind it. Sure it can reverse, but you’re anticipating that right? Right?! As long as you can outlast the initial laser, you should be able to survive. Be warned, the laser+dash is every bit as deadly as your shot+dash. Next up, fellow tricksters. This fight is all about out maneuvering them. In the best case, you can play mind games with them before killing them, while in the worst case you both combo each other. The trick to winning the combo duel is to use it at the maximum effective range of your dash. Most players aren’t able to gauge this correctly so it catches them off guard. Last up, the Time Anchor. While this matchup is annoying as hell, you need to fake them out into thinking you’re going to use your combo. Once they warp, they’re vulnerable for half a second before their anchor extends. This is easier said then done, but it really comes down to practice. All in all, the mirror match may seem like the hardest initially, but it gets easier the longer you play the game.

Difficulty: 6/10
Difficulty: 8/10 (Anchor)

Lag and You

Ah, the dreaded lag. This section is just to give you a primer on what lag will do to your matchups. Lag can be an advantage in small doses, but once it hit’s the 250 point, it’s pretty much a kill for a kill.

Loopy: Getting EMP’d through walls is a pain in the ass. No seriously, there is not much that’s this annoying in a lot of games. There is no running from a laggy loopy, just killing it a few seconds before it kills you.

: You’re going to die plain and simple. It’s almost impossible to keep yourself out of their firing line on their screen. The best you can do is take them with you.

: Basically the same matchup as normal only harder. You’ll randomly be flung around by things you didn’t see. Very winnable, but difficult.

Biplane: A heavy cannon with 150 or so Ping is nightmarish. There is no escaping it at all. Beyond that it may as well be a double knockout most of the time. Like the Explodet, tough but beatable.

Miranda: Hoo boy. I spent quite some time as one of these, so I have a unique stance on this. Basically, if you get into a Combo-duel, it’s a double knockout OR it will end in their favor. So yeah, avoid these when possible. Sniping them is effective usually, but then you hear them complain about their own lag

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