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Advanced Techniques

Wall Hopping
When you reverse JUST as you hit a wall, you’ll spring away from the wall like you got hit with a missile. There are several applications for this like when you’re bomb running or need to get away. You can practice this on bouncy servers until you feel confident doing this in regular servers. I’m pretty sure this is a physics glitch, but it’s useful nonetheless.

Missile Hopping
Basically Wall Hopping, just done by detonating a Missile Power Up on a plane or wall beneath you. This can be tricky to actually put into practical use, but is good for hitting an enemy, then launching away.

Drop Sniping
This is both fun and practical. Hold back (Or get hit with a missile, doesn’t matter) until you go into a stall. Just before you actually start falling, take your shot. It’s much easier to hit people doing this then normal. Also, you’ve probably fallen from where you were by the time they return fire and are safely out of the way.

Sadly I don’t see this one getting as much use as it should. It’s very useful. When you’re performing a dash, in the middle of the dash animation, you can reverse. The benefits of this are so that you can use your combo close to walls (Duh) and fake out other players. The biggest bonus is that your hitbox for dealing damage seems to extend the full distance even though you don’t. You can tell if you’re doing it right when you dash combo someone without your Randa actually touching them. I’m pretty sure this is a glitch, but a very cool and useful one nonetheless. Very few players will be able to master this, but it helps A LOT in Randa vs. Randa matchups.

Reverse Missile
The reverse missile is preformed by pressing the missile button as you reverse. This causes the missile to fly backwards out from you and move in on the target you were engaging. While this trick has some useful applications, if you're too close to the target or already have killed the target, the missile will hit you instead. This is great if you know you're about to die and want one last stab at the enemy.

Closing Statements and Shout outs

So there’s more to the Miranda then meets the eye. My goal while writing this guide was to educate the newbies while also teaching the pros new things as well. PM me any feedback on the Altitude Forums or post it in the thread there.

Shout outs
: Thanks to the following people for helping me test some theories and write this guide. In no particular order:

Monxy Fist, Hurri, Pi, Uber, MacBandit, Vania, FireMonkey, CaptainWolfe, Tyr, Cloud, Storm, GGQ, Zid, Curious, Maimer, Pig, Loli, NFO Monkey, Jeppew, Kuja, BG1, Stack, Eth, Nasty Manatee, Mikesol, Matattack, Denied, X, Wuwu, Maverick, Vipr, Texas, Beagle, Bong, Vogez, Dio, Hmmmm, Sound, Flight, and all of the old TG.

I’m pretty sure there is more, but that’s all I can think of for now.

Cheers, Evan20000/Sinstar20K

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