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Just read it and it looks great! Just a couple of things I can think of adding at the moment:

- Miranda seems to be the most powerful plane in 1DM (and probably other 1-life modes though I hardly ever play them). If you use it right and take your time, you should have no trouble with pretty much any 1v1 plane matchup. The one life section might be able to use just another sentence or so describing the randa's effectiveness in this mode.

- Another advanced technique: the reverse missile shot. If you have a missile and click both s and d at the same time (so that you shoot it and reverse at once), then the missile will go initially in the direction you were heading but is actually facing the direction you reversed into. After about a second, the missile will stop going the direction you had started in and go back to the direction you reversed into. This technique doesn't get used that much but is especially helpful in 1DM, as you can easily hit someone with a missile when you are running away or when they are least expecting it. This trick doesn't seem to be well known, but is definitely one of the more advanced randa techniques.

Sorry if I didn't explain #2 clearly enough, hope that made sense! Overall a great guide, and I'm looking forward to the polished (perhaps with pictures?) version.
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