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Originally Posted by Pieface View Post
As you said, even if the missile trick isn't that useful it would be good to include it in the guide because the trickster and laser are the only plane setups that can do it. Beginners who come here to read the guide probably won't know it even exists (due to its lack of use), and this guide should inform them of the lesser know trickster "tricks" and strategies.

Also, you may want to include as one of the advantages of Ultra over other blue perks that it allows the trickster to do two warps in rapid succession, which is a great help in getting away from fights going badly or if timed right can deal a huge amount of damage to the enemy. I think it may be able to one-shot loopies with the double warp, but if not it at least deals a significant amount of damage.

With these additions and some pretty randa pictures, this has the potential to be a great guide. Well done.
The turbocharger allows for similarly spaced warps. You drop just under the range needed to dash and then quickly charge the rest of it.
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