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Default Rubberised Hull

Personally I cannot do without Rubberised Hull with the heavy cannon, but then I also really like the recharge boosting perk (not that I have tried reverse thrust yet) as I can shoot many more bullets.

The heavy cannon biplane is a energy intensive build and I would not want to play it without this extra energy per second, but then that does depend on the map and number of players a lot.

But the main reason I made this post was to mention how useful I have found Rubber Hull. With every gun on the biplane having so much recoil I find that to continue killing I am often sitting on the bottom of the map, and in a pinch I have killed the resident enemies while laying on the ground, then got up and continued.

If you have a good aim, or want to relay on sure numbers, the more bullets you can pump out the better, and since you have such a long range you do not have to keep up with the other planes. But you cannot remain in the air if you do this for long.
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