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I was thinking about this the other day.

The longest game I ever played without changing to another was Counterstrike. Definitely got my moneys worth out of that - although I always preferred the versions before 1.0. I still have a version of Space Invaders from my old Atari 2600 loaded up, and thats way more than 20 years old so I stand by my statement.Are you suggesting that Ledow might tack another 20 years onto my ban for the fun of it? Surely not? Are you one of those people that view the future as dark with collapsed burnt out buildings and everyone has mutant parts living in the sewers? I must admit in my nightmares I envision Ledow becoming the Bill gates of the gaming world, controlling 99% of the worlds gaming servers and maintaining his ban policy retroactively against all servers/all games.

If that day comes it will be a dark one indeed. But yet still I will never bow to his dark form. Fight the powah.
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