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Default 2-month ban for anyone using the word "noob" or complaining about new players


I totally appreciate the efforts that the developers have recently done to attract new players to altitude but I am totally embarrased by the reaction of many experienced players. For over a year we have seen how the player base of alti has schrinked to a handful of freaks and addicts (I include myself) and we have all been complaining about that. For what? Now that the developers have taken drastic measures, giving the game for free with the sole intention to increase the player base, all I see are experienced players complaining about the new players and insulting them. Wow, wow… ladies and gentlemen, maybe we will now realise that if altitude has lost its playerbase is not because of any technical or gameplay reasons, but just because it is played by a bunch of idiots without any social skills that makes the experience of playing altitude disgusting to anyone who is new.

So, I very seriously propose to ban for 1 or 2 months any player that complains and insults new players. If they don't like how newbies play, they won't mind to wait 2 months until the newbies have learned to play better.

Here some proposed very simple ethical guidelines for experienced players:
1) Respect new players: Do NOT complain about them and do NOT insult them.
2) Help new players grow. Do you consider yourself a good player? Then become a leader instead of just being a miserable complainer. Use the team chat to get your team organised and to give tips to the new players.

Seriously, the responsability of attracting and maintaining a healthy playerbase is not only of the developers. The experienced players have a big responsability for that too and we have to take it. If we don't stop this now the playerbase will soon schrink to half of what it was three months ago.

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