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Now that's a goal to achieve on our side but only with help from the new guys as well. Some of the 'experienced' ones strive to give helpful advice to those we judge capable enough to understand some basic things most new players overlook when they start playing this game, but I do notice from time to time a few players who get a catch at the game very quickly and understand things as positioning and advantages as to what Green Perks are better in X situation, etc, although not every single one has been seemingly willing to acknowledge the advice we hand out, completely negating the point of us helping others adjust to the game in a Tutor-Pupil way, which seems to me, the best way to boost other's understanding of the game.

Also, as you pointed out, it's hard to make new players notice there's an actual community that grows in knowledge with these kind of discussions and that relates furthermore than that in the game, but still, we do our best.
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