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Comes down to this...

At some point, Alti has to change hands.

I believe that the group of people we have within the community now is capable of refining Alti's code, and continuing the journey Karl & Erik set out on.

There will bumps along the road, no doubt...

But, as a community, we cannot allow Alti to fade into the shadows. There is awesome potential here. It just needs to be harnessed by those willing to take on the responsibility of furthering their efforts.

Karl & Erik have provided us with functional code, that ended up becoming a community all it's own... Are any of you willing to sit aside and allow what brought us together to fade away into obscurity...?

We have now a team of people, good upstanding members of the community, willing to take Alti to the next level...

"Aircraft carrier" or not, Alti had been apart of our lives for many years. I am unwilling to allow it to be lost.

Those still visiting these forums should speak up, for the future of Alti.

(@King!... There is more than one map out there, where the turrets block the majority of the access to the base. Destroying the turrets is needed to have a 'useable' opening to the base... Just a matter of map design... There is a map out there where everyone spawns on the same team with Bots cornered. Destroying the high HP turrets is required to access the base and, at the same time, frees the Bots to defend it. I would be happy to create several more maps, of this style, and host them for anyone interested.)

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