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Tested it today with 19 cm and Mavis. 19 and I were able to go through the missle section with two loopies and shields. I wasn't able to destroy the far left turrets with an explodet. I just finished solo-ing the map (only died 25 times lol) and realized my whale missiles weren't even reaching the turrets and that you have to get closer to be able to destroy them.

Two things:
  1. In the 'rush' section, maybe increase the health of the turrets. Right now, it's too easy to just destroy the turrets rather than emp/rush your way through.
  2. The left chute currently does not have bouncy/harmless walls for viewing the shot, as you stated was the purpose.

Other than that, it's a great map. I look forward to playing this in a full server and setting the record.
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