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Originally Posted by Bukem View Post
I think this is a misconception. Adding clicks and separating content will cause less activity. And considering that if I don't look at the clan forum for a day all the newly updated threads are always still on the first page, I really don't see the need. Fair enough if there was actually like 20 tbd clans and 20 ball clans and 20 1dm clans (lol?) do have a point, but I guess I just see it as people who need to read the clan forums will continue to do so, even if one additional click is added. I don't think we'll see a loss in overall clan activity, or anything else drastic like that, due to this change.

Although, this really won't affect me at all either way, seeing as I never navigate the forums anymore, but simply use the New Posts feature and click on pretty much every thread.
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