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I would like to add a formal complaint against one (1) admin of the server 'Ball Dojo'. There was a group on this server playing on the beautiful and wonderfully designed map ball_coal. We decided that we liked the map so much that we would revote the map after the first, and subsequently second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh games. However, at one point, after changing the map to ball_coal from the other atrocious ball maps, the map was changed to the disgusting and coal-less map of ball_cave. I will not stand for such admin abuse. I would like to file a formal complaint and I assume that proper actions will be taken against the admin(s) responsible for this. I demand democracy in this server, and compensation for the atrocity of a ball map we had to play. I suggest that the server rotation be changed to the following:
Thank you for your time.

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