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Originally Posted by fainaent View Post
Yes, because when I tell someone not to follow, and they do, with repair, and then take both healths, I rage. When people play like people, communicate, and learn, I don't rage against them.

I only rage against real noobs, not new players.

Amlob insulted me by banning me for no reason. Twice.

You don't like me, fine. But that's not a reason for a ban, and you just support amlob cause... well, I have no idea really.

BTW, ban Welly. He lure-killed me purposefully on randa training, then when I called him out on it, he and Vial tried to convince the new players to ban me, and voted.
What do you mean by support ? the only thing i've ever done to you was voting 1 on a vote kick made by someone, i didn't like the fact that you were always qq'ing about things, oh and banning for someone calling saying retard ?
if i banned people who do that, then sandbox will be an empty server. now that i say that... you're going to go "Oh God! really ? i'm so going to offend people more" you try to insult people ALL the times... sarcastically and you know it, oh and this is not a sandbox thread...
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