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Originally Posted by TwistedDuck View Post
What do you mean by support ? the only thing i've ever done to you was voting 1 on a vote kick made by someone, i didn't like the fact that you were always qq'ing about things, oh and banning for someone calling saying retard ?
if i banned people who do that, then sandbox will be an empty server. now that i say that... you're going to go "Oh God! really ? i'm so going to offend people more" you try to insult people ALL the times... sarcastically and you know it, oh and this is not a sandbox thread...
Support, when you said you agreed that a 2 week ban was fair for me calling amlob a prick.

You say that my behavior is bannable, then ban Welly. Good admins don't pick and choose who they enforce rules on.

I've told you, I only call people noobs when they are truly noobs. People who converse sometimes, but then they knowingly do something stupid to kill me and won't talk about it. When new players won't listen about how they are killing other players over and over.

But, i'm going to try and change that. I'm going to be the helpful friendly guy from now on.

I just wanted to see if you still thought I deserved to be banned. I'd also like to know if it was you that kicked me today, as it's just another example of pathetic admin abuse.
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