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It seems to me that we are having this issue with the servers every single season, it would be nice to discuss this once for real, so please don't bring the "schedule hour issue" back, we know some of you need to go to church, we already know, trust me.

This just brings prior posts into my mind:

There are very nice suggestions in those posts like some systems previously tested, as Home - Away (EABL, WABL).

Also I want to say that this season we knew the rules before the league was started, so if we signed up, we also agreed with the rules, so I'm just sending feedback for next seasons.

Last but not least, I want to point that SL5 system wasn't that bad, for loser team to choose server, but I do agree with Andy, that it made things go really slow.

@Wolf'j'...: There is nothing fair lag related, while you think is fair for your whole team to play with 50ms against a 130ms - 180ms team, I don't. Neither I feel is fair to play a whole 50ms (140ms -.- for me -.-') with three 250ms, but that's why there are rules, and we were on our right to change server.
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