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Originally Posted by eth View Post
I love how everyone and their mother seems to have some sort of utter hatred for fLb lol. Anyway gl with clan sammich, I'm sure you'll do good.
I don't have hatred towards fLb. Many people in fLb I really like. However, there are also a few that I would rather not associate myself with (perhaps less so than other clans but still). Furthermore, I don't wish to support the tag fLb because I don't really agree with the term "Faggy" in there.

I joined SS to be apart of a team that was fun / chillax. I thought it would be active and enjoyable. Some of the people were fun. Others were just a disappointment. Both seasons have ended with people skipping out and not being there for the team. Both seasons have ended because of no communication and no real idea of who the leader is.

I feel like we need to have the ability to choose what we want and do what we want. I want to be apart of a clan that is fun and active where we can make decisions about what happens.

If you guys wish to change your names to [||]SS or something or have a suggestion as to how we might show our gratitude for getting us all together in the first place that is fine. However, as it stands I am not sure as to a solution to this problem.

Edit: Random side note. I feel that much of the hatred directed towards fLb is the same hatred directed towards ACE. There is just a ton of smack talk and arrogance. Now I know many people and I know that there is a lot of joking. However, that's really not clear towards everyone - even the people that are being smack talked.
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