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Originally Posted by gorkha View Post
heres some factor i hope will be used to divide the team player quality and plane variety. cant leave one team with loopies only
location. us/europe/aisa. so it can be easy for a group to play together.
competitiveness. tg has mentioned that he wants ball to be as commitment free as possible. others mite want to practice and participate in leagues. including other formats.
there are many ballers. but most are causal members. only few are into clan organisation. need to divide them more carefully. otherwise one mite fade.
Great post, gorkha. Thank you for your input. I can't answer all of those questions, but guava and I are both dedicated to making sure these teams last and are balanced. I'm not too worried about membership levels right now because we have new players wanting to join on a daily basis. We've had to turn away people lately.

The commitment aspect will form organically, I believe. Maybe {ball} will be low-key and {ball*} will be more competitive on a clan/league basis, but I can't say that for sure. We're still figuring things out!

And I'd love to find a way to schedule based on location/timezone. We had six members for our last scrimmage, which isn't very many. Unfortunately, only two people have private messaged me in response to my survey (see earlier post). Once I have info for the whole clan, I can share what patterns emerge.
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