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Originally Posted by horrordude0215 View Post
I don't like this post... at all. Why do you think he's "trying" to be a townie? What's to say that he's not actually a townie?

You get my vote for now, but I'll be on throughout the day if a better lynch candidate comes up.
yet, u don't read my other posts, how i basically acknowledge myself as a fellow epic mafia player, and pointing out at the blatant protection posts he's been posting

its first day, we need a good random lynch, i thought kennedy would be good... mafia has to participate, or if not and the night takes too long, then we'll know who the mafia are....

right now, i dont know if he's mafia, but its a good guess... but i'm also down for a lynch on an inactive member of town

also, the fact that would occur if kennedy were mafia, would make me completely awesome... its a bandwagon i started, and i'm sorry kennedy if i'm wrong, but its day 1... and i'm willing to vote elsewhere if someone acts more scummy, or by majority :P