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Default August 25 Map Update

Map update will not be live until tomorrow, August 25.

ball_swarm, tbd_swarm, and ball_carpia have new layouts. ball_lumber by Brutal and both the ball and tbd versions of arrow by Jonus have been added.

ball_carpia is more experimental since some people did think the old layout was decent and the new layout is drastically different. At the same time a large portion of ladder does not like the original layout so I'm hoping the new layout will be better received by all. If not then I'll try to bring it back a bit closer to the original.

Lumber and Arrow have had some testing on other servers and sounds like most have enjoyed them. However, the ladder community has different standards / skill level and changes may need to be made. I will let them be tested as-is, but any map will be pulled from random quickly if there are obvious problems.





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